Our Stepped-up Safety Protection (SSP) effectively protects students during the COVID-19 pandemic

CIC’s Safe School Committee meets weekly to review the Health and Safety protocols and new developments of the Pandemic. We take the safety of our community – students, teachers and staff – very seriously. Some of the safety measures which have been implemented since February 2020, such as:
  • Quarantine for new students and returning students
  • Daily Staff screening & Survey
  • Daily Screening for Bus drivers
  • Safety protocol & Screening for Students entering School and Residence
  • Banning non-essential visitors
These Stepped-up safety protocols were implemented much earlier and at a higher standard than that imposed by the public health authorities.
As the pandemic evolves, the protocols also get reviewed and updated by CIC’s Safe School Committee on a regular basis.
Our Residences Are Safe and Remain Open
Our Residences remain open for our students and we are ready to deliver in-person classes with strict safety protocols whenever local/provincial guidelines allow us to do so.
Remote Learning Option Available
In-person lessons are the preferred option and will be offered whenever permitted.
Remote learning with daily face-to-face online teaching is available for students who live off-campus or are waiting to come to Canada. This form of delivery is also available for students who live in our residences whenever local/provincial guidelines restrict schools to operate in online delivery only.
Provides an environment that meets and exceeds the health and safety standards of the federal and provincial health authorities of Canada. Under our SSP, students and graduates
  • Stay healthy
  • Learn online face-to-face or in-person
  • Complete their studies on time for graduation
  • Get into their dream universities without delay

Our Total Care® Stepped-up Safety Protection Keeps Our Students Healthy, Safe and Able to Succeed

Strict Health and Safety Protocols for Academic and Residence Buildings

  • Restrict visitation to school and residences
  • Allow no visitors except emergency repairs personnel
  • At all CIC building entrances require all students and staff:
    • Must wear medical grade mask
    • Use hand sanitizer
    • Check body temperature
    • Complete a comprehensive health questionnaire
  • Staff must wear double layer of protection when interacting with students within 2 meters or closer
  • Must apply hand sanitizer when entering cafeterias

Stringent 14-Day Quarantine In Separate Building

  • Strict 14-day quarantine protocols for both
    • New students arriving from overseas and
    • Students checking back into residence after holidays or leave
  • Students check-in straight into a building that is devoted solely to quarantine – Linden Hall
    • The building is located 6 kilometres from our usual student residences – Pine Hall
  • Students quarantine in single rooms with a private washroom
    • During this period, they cannot leave their room
    • House Parents at the front desk are only a phone call away to provide assistance
    • Meals in disposable packages are delivered to their door
  • The CIC Medical Team arranges for students to have COVID-19 testing during quarantine and before being released.
    • Testing is performed safely and conveniently in their room
    • When they have negative results and are considered COVID-19 free they are released from quarantine to check into the Pine Residences
  • Linden Hall, as a quarantine residence, is serviced by a separate residence team that is dedicated to this building only
    • At no time does this residence team service any of our other residences
    • The purpose of having a dedicated staff team at Linden residence is to prevent the possibility of cross-contamination
  • Students take all classes online while receiving a full range of Total Care services and support

Comprehensive Practices to Avoid Cross Contamination

  • Meals in school and residence are served to students in take-out disposable containers
  • Take-out Food Delivery
    • Barred food delivery services from entering the residences
    • Provide no-touch delivery for take-out food
    • Disinfect all incoming packages
    • Food delivery is not permitted in Academic buildings
  • Protections
    • Observe social distancing of minimum 2 meter
    • Limited gatherings according to government guidelines
    • Install Plexiglass barriers for better protection of staff and students
    • Provide masks and gloves to all approved visitors, Food Service and Residence Staff on duty
  • Eliminate Cross-contaminations
    • Stop our health workers from taking part-time jobs in other health facilities
    • Prohibit any school personnel with flu-like symptoms from reporting to work
    • Only students who live in CIC residence will be able to join in-person classes, meals and after school activities in our academic buildings and residences
    • Off-campus students will be required to remain off-campus and learn remotely, unless they move into our Residence
  • Education
    • Educate students on precautionary measures through posters and TV messages
    • Home Room medical education to students every Friday

Improved Hand Hygiene & Increased Cleaning

  • Hand Sanitizer
    • Provide all students and staff a personal bottle of sanitizer
    • Hand sanitizer and refill stations throughout the school and residences
  • High Touch Points & Common Areas
    • Increased cleaning of all high touch points such as door handles, elevator buttons, water fountains and washroom facilities 4 times a day
    • Highly effective and safe disinfectants are sprayed with a fogging device in all classrooms, residences and buses daily
    • Clear garbage containers in the public areas 4 times a day
  • PPE for Staff
    • Provide PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to staff – Facial shield, clear mouth guard for teachers, medical masks, N95 masks, gloves

Students who need to travel

  • Students who need to travel on a plane are given multiple masks and gloves for protection prior to leaving the residence

Deliver Classes Via Online Face-to-Face Teaching & Learning

  • Switch our teaching from in-person to remote pending the local/provincial guidelines
  • Remote learning opportunities are available for students who live off-campus or are waiting to come to Canada

Protect Our Students’ Health and Mental Wellness

  • We have mental wellness counsellors available day and evening, weekdays and weekends
  • Afternoon snack break allow students to enjoy tea and a baked goods
  • Provide masks to all Food Service and Residence Staff on duty

Maintain a Happy & Healthy Day

  • Recess allow students to have fresh air breaks throughout the day, weekdays and weekends while being mindful of social distancing
  • Special snacks and treats throughout the day between meals
  • Regional and themed dinners like Sushi night, Bubble Tea, Ice Cream, Premium Dinner, Thanksgiving, Holidays and more.
  • Virtual Activities and Clubs to keep students engaged and connected with peers
“This to express our sincere gratitude to everybody – liaison, food services and residence staff – for their hands and hearts to organize this surprise for Nikita! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your caring attitude – it is so important for the kids and it does make a difference! You made this day for Nikita and us!”
Nikita’s family

We continue our full range of support services so that our students can stay safe and graduate on time

  • University Placement Service
  • Guidance counselling
  • Tech Coach
  • Health and Wellness services with daily nursing visits to residences
  • Toiletries for Convenience
  • CIC Crafters and Knitters
  • Hair Cut
  • Mobile Bus from BMO Bank for opening bank account
  • Tutorial support
  • Liaison service
  • Student visa and study permit renewal service at residence and by email
  • Student Development Activities
  • On-site Gym
  • Textbook Delivery
*Activities are offered when public guidelines allow. Lockdowns, State of Emergency and Stay-at-Home order may affect our ability to run some events, activities or provide specific services in-person.

All our 2020 students graduated on time and received their offers of admission & scholarships without delays

Congratulations to all 2020 Graduates

“We implement the extensive

Stepped-up Safety Protection because

we are wholeheartedly committed to meeting the

promises of our Total Care Education System®

to provide peace of mind for parents

and foster student success.”