Steven Khor

By January 9, 2015People of Columbia

Steven Khor

Steven Khor

Certified Chef de Cuisine

Steven Khor is our Sodexo Certified Chef de Cuisine

As a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Chef de Cuisine, Steven understands the importance of healthy living and is committed to providing the highest quality of food and service to Columbia.

Before joining Columbia in 2013, Steven worked at prestigious hotels like The Fairmont Royal York Hotel, The Sheraton Centre Hotel, The Shangri-la International Hotel – Singapore, The Plaza Hotel, New York City, fine dining restaurants and with healthcare units. Steven was thrilled to join the Sodexo team and is working hard to ensure that students and staff eat well; “My goal at CIC is to create a diverse set of healthy, delicious and nutritious meals specifically to students offering global flavours.”

His international experience has helped him fuse together culinary tastes, creating delicious meals for students and staff to enjoy. Steven has also played a large role in implementing the Eat Smart programs in Ontario and has been associated with culinary training at a number of educational institutions.

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