Have a taste of Canadian culture in our 2 weeks Canada Bronze Program. Campers
will have the opportunity to visit Bark Lake and Eastern Canada! Campers will
participate in:

• Learning ESL in Canadian classroom environment
• Enjoyable activities in the day and evening
• Going to some local trips in the Greater Toronto Area

  • June 22 to July 5
  • June 29 to July 12
  • July 6 to July 19
  • July 13 to July 26
  • July 20 to August 2

Canada Silver price: $3,800 CAD (subject to change)


Note: All programs subject to change pending on booking of venues, weather and arrival date of the group. Schedule will be finalized
after we receive confirmation of the group size and arrival date and time.

For Specific Activity(e.g. Sports, Arts&Crafts, Science and Cooking), please refer to the weekly activity schedule provided by the event
staff during your orientation.

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Our Programs

Canada Platinum

Four weeks will never fly by so fast. Tour Québec, see the nation’s capital, stay overnight in Niagara Falls and experience the wilds of the north, all while learning English!

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Canada Platinum camp

Canada Gold

Experience more of Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area with this three-week summer camp program, featuring ESL classes, day trips to attractions in Hamilton and Toronto, fun evening events and an excursion to the wilds of Northern Ontario with a three-day stay at Bark Lake Leadership Camp

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Canada Gold camp

Canada and USA Tour

Available by request, the Canada and USA tour is an adventurous summer camp program.  Visit one of the biggest cities in the world, as well as the seat of the Canadian government.  Experience the captivating sites of New York City and tour the beautiful French province of Canada, Quebec.

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Canada and USA Tour