Discover Columbia - Visual Guide


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Succeed With Us

Overview of what Columbia’s Total Care Education system and the advantage it provides

Sure to university Program

In Collaboration with Six CIC University Partners


Elite Pathway Program

Giving High Performing Students The Most Competitive Edge

Learn English and Discover Canada

A total learning, skills acquiring and cultural experience in Canada

Global Success Stories

Our holistic Total Care Education system helped these students reach their dream universities!

Virtual Tours

Walk the halls of our main campus as if it was your first day of class. Experience our residences and your future home away from home.

Ainsliewood Building

1003 Main St W, Hamilton, ON L8S 4P3

Pine Boys Residence

728 Sanatorium Rd, Hamilton, ON L9C 7V6

Pine Girls Residence

768 Sanatorium Rd, Hamilton, ON L9C 0C5


A collection of videos from around Columbia International College. From what to expect from our Total Care Education System, Special moments from graduation, to various student activities showcasing student events and development.

We’re the Largest 3:30

We Care 19:49

Education Is …  39:06

Elite Pathway Program (EPP) with the University of Toronto 3:15

U of Toronto & Waterloo Testimonials

Today Is the Day 2:06

Happy 40th Anniversary 3:13

Photo Gallery

Photos from graduations, school trips and summer camp