Total Care Communication ®

Maximizes Family Connections

Bridging the Distance

International students, by definition, are far away from their families. That can be an anxious experience for them, as well as their parents. Students are anxious to know how things are back home. Parents are anxious to know how their children are doing in school, after classes are over and on weekends.

Total Care Communication® at CIC, with a state of-the-art technology and software platform, is designed to maximize family connection, and bring students and parents closer, to overcome that feeling of distance. With Total Care Communication, parents can have peace of mind, and students will have a better state of mind to focus on study and to enjoy their new lives while in Canada.

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Total Care Communication® is a single point of contact for
parents, students, school departments, translation services, and guidance.

Total Care Communication® keeps families close together

Dedicating a liaison staff member
to every family

  • Single point of contact for every family
  • Support in regional languages, helping parents communicate with school departments
  • Serves as a resource and guide to school policiesand procedures

Making ezReport Card
readily accessible online

  • An online record of ASEP performance, updated weekly
  • Available for parents at any time

Ensuring students can stay connected
with family and friends back home

    • In-room telephone extension with voicemail
    • Free Wi-Fi in residences and in school buildings
    • Wired internet in residence rooms