>>Sure-To-University Program
Exclusive Pathway to Elite Universities
In collaboration with 5 CIC University Partners®
5 CIC University Partners®
Holding Seats for Our Program Graduates
6 Months to Complete
Fast Track to Reach Your Dream University
Quality Teaching and Support
Ensure Your Success
Remote or In-person Learning
Flexible Ways to Reach Top Universities
Our Sure-To-University Program is an Official Partnership with 5 Major Canadian Universities
University Seats Held for our Program Graduates
  • As long as our graduates apply before January 15, the partner universities will:
    • Hold seats in all programs in all campus
    • Admit them if they meet the admission requirements
  • The partner universities offer Sure-To-University graduates additional admission privileges such as:
    • Priority access to university counselling services
    • Scholarship Opportunities
  • IELTS/TOEFL waived in conjunction with CIC Grade 12 English grades for the following two university partners:
    • Ontario Tech University: IELTS/TOEFL waived with a minimum of 70% Grade 12 English mark
    • University of Ottawa: IELTS/TOEFL waived with a minimum of 80% Grade 12 English mark
6 Months to Complete
  • Fulfill the university’s admissions requirement
    • Complete six Grade 12 courses
    • Complete Literacy requirement
  • Fast Track to reach your Dream University
    • Enter university by Sepember.
    • Earn the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
Quality Teaching & Support
Before You Enroll:
  • Study plan counselling by our experienced, full time counsellors
After You Enroll:
  • In Class:
    • Live Teaching everyday
    • Compulsory attendance and participation
  • After Class Activities:
    • Teacher-directed independent learning
    • Free online tutoring
    • Professional guidance sessions from our Guidance & University Placement Services
    • Workshops to learn leadership and communication skills for personal and professional development
We are an Official Test Center for IELTS & TOEFL
  • Test dates are set by CIC to suit the schedule of our own graduating students
  • Our graduates have priority for the seats
  • No need to travel beyond the school to take tests
Flexible Learning Options to Reach Top Universities
  • Can start learning remotely while waiting for study permit approval
  • Learning remotely from Home or attend in-person in Canada
  • Switching from remote to in-person learning is seamless
    • Any time, remote learners can switch to in-person classes
    • Students will learn with the same teachers and classmates upon arrival at CIC in Hamilton
The Best Path to World’s Top Universities
CIC has a proven record of success, year after year
  • CIC has the largest admission to Canada’s top universities
  • CIC graduates received the largest scholarship awarded by universities – Over C$9 million in 2020
  • CIC graduates are consistently admitted to the world’s top 50 universities
The Sure-To-University Program is Well Recognized & Supported
“Take your first step towards your admission to Canada’s Top university and one of the Top 20 in the world by attending the Sure-To-University program at CIC”
Ken Withers
Director of Recruitment
University of Toronto
“We are delighted to formalize this partnership with CIC and continue to welcome its graduates to both our Fall and Winter terms. The quality programming offered at CIC prepares students for a successful transition to university”
Keshia Gray
Associate Registrar and Director
Student Recruitment and Admissions
York University
“Take the Sure-to-U program at Columbia International College, and gain entry to one of Canada’s most innovative and high technology universities.”
Joe Stokes
University Registrar
Adjunct Professor
Ontario Tech University
“CIC students perform at a high rate at the University of Ottawa. It’s Sure-to-University program will offer students an unparalleled opportunity to access top Canadian universities despite the current global challenges. We are pleased to partner with CIC on this exciting new program.”
Michelle Beauchamp
Director, Recruitment & Admissions
University of Ottawa
2019 & 2020 Records
University College London
Imperial College London
University of Edinburgh
University of Manchester
King's College London
University of the Arts London
University of Warwick
University of Birmingham
University of Leeds
University of Bristol
University of Glasgow
University of Amsterdam
Glion Institute of Higher Education
University of Melbourne
The University of Sydney
University Of New South Wales
University of Queensland
National University of Singapore
Nanyang Technological University
The University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong U of Science and Technology
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
The University of Tokyo
When: January 6 to June 30
Eligibility: Students intending to start university in September
  • High school graduates from last school year, or
  • Currently studying Grade 12 or equivalent:
    • Senior Middle 3 who have completed HuiKao
    • O Level with 6 IGCSE passes
    • First Year A Level
CIC Admission Requirements: for Sure-To-University Programs
  • Submit all transcripts starting from Grade 9
  • Minimum 70% average in all subjects in last year
  • English Language Requirement
    • IELTS 6.0 / TOEFL 79 / Duolingo 95, or
    • CIC English Placement Test to reach 4U level
  • Math placement test to reach 4U level
    • For those who are going into Business, Science, Engineering and some Social Science programs
Your First Step
Towards University Success
Starts Here
Apply before December 19
Classes start January 6,
Guidance & University Placement Support
Student Leadership Development Workshop
Mr. Brandon Lewis
Tutorial Support
Ms. Crystal Auger
Wellness Counselling Support
Mr. Qiang Hao
Multilingual Admissions and Liaison Support
Name Language(s) Spoken Phone +1 905-572-7883
Mr. Lorenzo Mesquita Portuguese, Spanish, English Ext. 2744
Ms. Priscilla Tamaklo French, English Ext. 2841
Ms. Julia Abdoullaeva Russian, English, Spanish, Turkish, French Ext. 2818
Ms. Jane Liu Mandarin, English Ext. 2814
Ms. Maggie Li Mandarin, English Ext. 2731
Ms. Sing Wai Chu Mandarin, Cantonese, English Ext. 2831
Ms. Krystal Nguyen Vietnamese, English Ext. 2749
  • Exclusive: 5 major Canadian universities holding seats for our program’s graduates only


  • Fast track: 6 months to complete


  • Quality teaching: daily live teaching and many other supplementary supports


  • Flexible: can learn in person and/or remote


  • Reputable: a school with 40 years of proven excellence in Total Care Education®

What are the fees for this program?

Regular Fees apply to Sure-to-University. Please see below a sample invoice for both in-person and remote learning options:
In Person Sample Fees
  Total (CDN)
Application Fee $300 One Time $300.00
Custodianship Documentation Fee 300 One Time 300.00
Tuition Fee 6 Courses 2,700 6 16,200.00
Residence (6 months) 800 1.5 Semesters 4,800.00
Meal Plan - Residence & School -
23 Meals per week (6 months)
800 1.5 Semesters 4,800.00
Health Insurance 111 6 Months 666.00
Uniform Package 600 One Time 600.00
Leadership Activity Fee 100 1.5 Semesters 150.00
Internet / Technology Fee 150 1.5 Semesters 225.00
Bus Pass 75 6 Months 450.00
CIC Security Deposit (Refundable) 1,000 One Time 1,000.00
Textbook, Literacy Course & Misc.
(Unused balance will be refunded)
2,000 Re-Fillable 2,000.00
Remote Sample Fees
  Total (CDN)
Application Fee $300 One Time $300.00
Tuition Fee 6 Courses 2,700 6 16,200.00
Online Leadership Activity Fee 100 1.5 Semesters 150.00
Internet / Technology Fee 150 1.5 Semesters 225.00
Textbook, Literacy Course & Misc.
(Unused balance will be refunded)
2,000 Re-Fillable 2,000.00

Does a student need to have a study permit in order to enroll in this program?

No. We suggest students to start study permit application right after being accepted to this program. Students can:
  • Start their studies remotely while waiting for the study permit approval
  • Travel to Canada to join the in-person classes when the study permit is approved and the border is open to international students

What if a student cannot get a study permit? Can a student complete this program without coming to Canada?

Students can complete all the courses required in this program remotely at their home and graduate with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.
OSSD is a well-known and globally recognized high school graduation diploma. With an OSSD students can apply to universities around the globe and even in their home country.

Will CIC guide the students through the application procedure?

CIC’s full-time counsellors from the Guidance and University Placement Services will support both students who are taking courses in-person or online.
The support includes:
    • application workshops
    • one-on-one counselling
    • follow-up appointments
    • resources
    • meeting with university admissions representatives

Will CIC provide university application counselling to remote students?

Yes, students taking classes remotely will have university applications counselling.

If a student has passed Grade 11 Math/English courses at a high school in Ontario, will she/he need to write CIC’s Math/English placement test?

No, students who passed Grade 11 Math or English in an Ontario High School would not need to take our placement test. CIC would recognize the credit and consider prerequisites are fulfilled for Grade 12 English and Math.

If a student has completed Grade 11 or equivalent but does not have completed HuiKao; O Level with 6 IGCSE passes; or a high school diploma, can this student join this program?

CIC would grant you 23 Equivalent Credits for having completed Grade 11. You would need to complete a total of 7 credits at CIC, including 6 Grade 12 University courses in order to graduate. If you are able to graduate on time (by June 2020) and apply for September admissions you would still enjoy the benefits of Sure-To-University.

What would happen if a student cannot graduate on time?

If students cannot graduate on time (by June), they can continue studying at CIC by taking additional courses and apply to university for January or September 2022 admissions. However, Sure-To-University program benefits only apply for September admissions to the 5 university partners.

Can students apply to universities other than the 5 universities?

Yes, students joining Sure-To-University would still be able to apply to any other universities in Canada and around the world. Only the 5 Sure-to-University partner institutions are granting the special admissions benefits, including holding seats. The institutions are University of Toronto, York University, Mc Master, Ottawa University and Ontario Tech University.

How do students fulfill the Literacy and community service hours requirements?

In order to fulfill Literacy requirements the Ontario Ministry of Education requires a pass in the Literacy Test (OSSLT) or successful completion of Literacy course (OLC4O). CIC will arrange students to take the test or the literacy course depending on the directive from Ontario Ministry of Education.
Community Service hours can be achieved in many different ways and our Student Leadership Development staff can help arranging community service activities and tracking required hours.
For students graduating in the 2020-21 school year, the community involvement requirement has been reduced by the Ontario Ministry of Education to a minimum of 20 hours.

Tuition fees of the 5 universities

To check approximate tuition fee for programs in Ontario universities, including the 5 Sure-To-University partners please check here.

Are there prerequisite requirements for taking the grade 12 courses?

A prerequisite course ensures that students have the prior knowledge required to be successful in subsequent studies.
The Ontario Ministry of Education established prerequisite requirements:
  • To enroll in Grade 12 math, science, computer science, or accounting courses, students must have successfully completed those courses at a Grade 11 level
  • Those courses must be indicated on the transcripts from the previous schools