6 Intakes in a Year

English Credit Head Start Intake

  • Students who need to improve their academic English in Grade 10 or 11, can join this program prior to the Fall Intake and shorten their time to graduate by up to one semester

Fall/Winter/Summer Intakes

  • To meet the needs of different school systems around the world
  • To help students who wish to progress faster
  • Study up to 10 credits per year

Special Intake – English, ESL or Math Only

  • Intake E and F offer only English, ESL or Math courses
  • D
  • A
  • Sep
  • E


  • Nov
  • Dec
  • BJan
  • Feb
  • F


  • Apr
  • C May
  • Jun
Head Start
English Credit
Fall Semester
(3 or 4 Credits)
Winter Semester
(3 or 4 Credits)
Summer Semester
(2 Credits)

With Total Care Education®, students who go through one or two years of the GO Higher® high school program at CIC have an exceptional ratio of success getting into the best universities.

The GO Higher® Program helps students maximize their potential and reach heights of success.

GO Higher® with… flexible, tailored education

  • Semester programming allows students to vary course load depending on ability
  • Credit system ensures students can focus on individual subjects according to their needs and aptitude
  • Testing and assessment throughout the semester – student success is not dependent on a single, national, final exam
  • Admission placement guides students to study at levels that they are assured of success
  • Technology oriented Blended Learning Model to better engage the young students in learning and research

GO Higher® with… extracurricular opportunities

  • To complement and enhance academic performance, full range of athletic, community involvement, and activities for students to take a leadership role in – experience that top universities look for from applicants
  • Develop greater confidence and inspire higher academic success in students with opportunities provided by our unique Student Development Department
  • Participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Program (Silver level) – focusing on character development and leadership skills
  • Opportunity to Participate in the Model United Nation Conference in New York City

GO Higher® with… university advancement

  • Dedicated counsellors at University Placement Office provide 1:1 guidance for students, from assisting with program choices, admission requirements and completing university applications
  • Students graduate with the OSSD, which allows them to apply to many universities in the USA without the SAT; and to all universities in the UK without A-Levels
  • University representatives visit and meet students at school to provide counselling and the most up-to-date admission requirements

The CIC Edge

  • Our top-notch teachers and our tremendous resources deliver the best teaching and learning support for students to achieve their very best.
  • Our exclusive admission privileges under the CIC University Partnership program give students unique advantages, including:
    1. dedicated scholarships
    2. unique English proficiency requirements

Admission Requirements

  • All applicants must complete our online Application form
  • All applicants are required to provide transcripts starting Grade 9 from their home country. Certified translation of the transcript to English when necessary.
  • If the applicant has completed external exams in their home country, such as IGCSE, SSCE, O level, A level, IB exams, please submit results
  • No TOEFL or IELTS are required for admission
  • Admitted students will be placed into the appropriate level of English studies depending on:
      – CIC’s English diagnostic results to be written
      – official IELTS or TOEFL score, if available
  • Applicants with any certificates or awards may submit them with the application

English Proficiency & Prerequisites Requirements

  • To qualify for Grade 11 (ENG3U), applicant must have a minimum score of 5.5 in IELTS
  • To qualify for Grade 12 (ENG4U), applicant must have a minimum score of 6.0 in IELTS