• School expansion is complete, adding two new art rooms, a new university placement office and guidance office, a university resource centre, campus safety office, new front entrance, expanded medical clinic and visitors’ centre
  • University of Toronto expands their partnership to all three of its campuses
  • Columbia celebrates its 35th anniversary
  • The University of Toronto, Mississauga campus signs a partnership agreement with Columbia and announces 10 new scholarships—valued at $2,000 each—exclusively for Columbia graduates
  • 537 students graduate, our largest class to date
  • Ainsliewood Campus’ South Wing expansion is opened. The new wing features 18 classrooms, a group study room, a tutorial centre and media lab, drama and music rooms, a science lab, a new student development office, and more
  • Columbia opens Pine Girls’ Residence, which boasts amenities such as a rooftop garden, indoor track, study areas, lounges, a wellness room and over 360 beds
  • Columbia signs a partnership agreement with Western University, providing our students three scholarships that are $1000 more than published scholarships, as well as reduced or waived TOEFL/IELTS requirements for qualified students
  • Columbia’s graduates receive over $2,000,000 in scholarships
  • Columbia signs additional dual admission partnership agreements with University of Waterloo®‘s of Mathematics and Science faculties, guaranteeing admission to all Columbia graduates who meet minimum entry requirements
  • Additional partnership agreement with McMaster University® guarantees admission to all Columbia graduates who meet the admission requirements
  • Brock, York, Cape Breton and D’Youville offer dual admission to Columbia’s university preparatory applicants and students
  • Cape Breton University® and D’Youville College join Columbia’s University Partners providing our students with admission benefits
  • The student development office is established to coordinate all extracurricular activities and residence life programs and maximize students’ potential
  • University of Alberta® offers its English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program to Columbia’s university preparatory students
  • University of Alberta® joins Columbia’s University Partners and creates entrance scholarships of $16,000/year for our university preparatory graduates
  • The Student Café, which includes a Pizza Pizza franchise, opens its doors
  • Pine Hall Residence opens as an additional boys’ boarding residence with an indoor swimming pool, movie theatre and outdoor tennis and basketball courts
  • Wireless LAN and internet connectivity is provided in school and several residences
  • The 11,200 square meter Ainsliewood Campus opens for academic programs, bringing total campus size to just over three hectares
  • Maple Campus is retained as an ESL school
  • University of London® School of Pharmacy joins Columbia’s University Partners and establishes scholarships for our university preparatory graduates
  • University of Canberra®, Australia, joins Columbia’s University Partners and establishes scholarships for our university preparatory graduates
  • University Partners formed with Canadian and American universities
  • Additional designated university entrance scholarships established to benefit Columbia’s university preparatory graduates
  • Bark Lake campus, a 283 hectare private lakefront property, opens for outdoor education and leadership training
  • Linden Hall Residence opens as a girls’ boarding residence
  • Name changed to Columbia International College
  • First on-campus residence opens
  • Columbia is the first Ontario private school to open a Tokyo campus
  • Sodexo Marriott is contracted to serve the nutritional and dietary needs of Columbia’s students
  • Columbia moves from Mohawk Road to Maple Campus at 1029 Main Street West
  • Columbia Secondary School is founded in Hamilton as a university prep and ESL school