Ontario is an excellent place to learn, live and work. With nearly 40 per cent of the country’s population living in the province, Ontario is home to some of Canada’s top universities and colleges. More than half of Canada’s new immigrants choose to settle in the province, making its cities diverse and thriving cultural centres. Schools offer international students a world-class education and first-class immersion experience, which is probably why 60 per cent of international students studying in Canada choose to study in Ontario.

The best international educational experiences are academically, socially and culturally enriching. Here are our top reasons for choosing Ontario to study.

  • World-renowned universities. Ontario offers some of the best post-secondary education opportunities in the world, including schools that are leaders in research and innovation such as the University of Toronto, Queen’s University, Western University, McMaster University®, York University® and UOIT.
  • Lots of choice. Ontario has the largest number of universities and post-secondary colleges of any province in Canada.
  • Education that knows no borders. Students gain a competitive edge because degrees, diplomas and certificates received from Ontario’s universities and colleges are recognized worldwide.
  • Opportunities outside of school. Off-campus work permits are available for full-time university and college students, so you can gain valuable work experience in corporations within Ontario.
  • The highest employment rate. Ontario university graduates have the highest employment rate in Canada at 92 per cent.
  • Excellent jobs. Ontario cities offer endless job opportunities. Canada’s financial hub is located in Toronto, the capital city is Ottawa and thousands of multinational corporations are located in the province.
  • Close to U.S. opportunities. Ontario’s location close to major U.S. cities such as New York, Boston and Washington allows for personal and career development through internships, student exchanges, post graduate studies and employment opportunities
  • Safety and security. Ontario is the safest province in Canada, ahead of British Columbia and Quebec.
  • Welcoming to newcomers. Ontario celebrates diversity. This encourages cultural immersion and exchange, shaping international students into global ambassadors with a greater understanding of the world. Newcomers may work up to three years in Canada and are eligible to apply for permanent residency after one year of employment.
  • No public exam for entrance into university. Students can apply to university with their Ontario secondary school diploma (OSSD). Students at Columbia International College can apply directly to university based on their final marks in six pre-university courses.