Parents would like to have assurance that their child will be granted admission to university upon completion of the graduation requirements. Sometimes, students are not guaranteed admission or their desired program of study even if requirements are fulfilled.

With the Dual Admission program, students will be guaranteed their choice of programs at the following designated universities:

York University®
Brock University®
Cape Breton University®
D'Youville College

What is Dual Admission?

  • Students applying to Columbia can apply to any university which has a Dual Admission Partnership with Columbia
  • Columbia helps students to meet the admission requirements set by the university
  • Columbia assists students with the application process to the university

What Programs are Students Eligible to Apply for?

  • Students may apply for any program available at their university of choice

Who is Eligible to apply?

  • Students currently applying to Grade 11 or higher at Columbia
  • Students already enrolled in Columbia and are taking courses in Grade 11 or higher

Benefits of Dual Admission

Students who apply for the Dual Admission program will:

  • Be guaranteed a spot in their program of choice at their desired university when requirements are met
  • Receive a conditional Letter of Acceptance from their desired university
  • Receive assistance in meeting university admission requirements
  • Receive special scholarships set by the university
  • Receive special waivers on test scores or academic averages set by the university