Columbia International College offers a comprehensive English as a Second Language (ESL) program for Canadian and international students with various ESL proficiency levels. The ESL program offers 5 levels of instruction ranging from Beginners (ESLAO) to Advanced (ESLEO).

Through the ESL lessons, students will:

  • Learn to communicate clearly and effectively.
  • Develop good ESL reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.
  • Improve and expand on their vocabulary, comprehension, conversation and pronunciation skills.
  •  Have opportunities to practise and perfect their English both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Be well-prepared for the Academic English Program, which will prepare them for university studies.
  • ESL students learn English in a Canadian classroom environment

Maximizing Students’ English Skills

  • Up to 33 hours of ESL class per week (5-6 hours a day, Monday to Friday), allowing students to improve their English.
  • Certified ESL teachers use comprehensive teaching practices and methods to maximize students’ English skills.
  • Small interactive ESL classes of 15 to 20 students allow students to receive individual attention and assistance from teachers.
  • Teachers employ the use of ESL learning aids including language and computer laboratories, print media, videos, seminars and guest speakers; providing students various avenues to practise and improve their English skills.
  • TOEFL Training Course
    • This training course helps students to learn test-writing techniques and take TOEFL practice tests to achieve better TOEFL results.
    • It is offered only on Saturday mornings.

Official Test Centre for TOEFL, MELAB

  • Columbia International College is an official ETS authorized TOEFL iBT test centre.
  • We are also an official test center for MELAB.
  • Students can write these external tests in a convenient, familiar & comfortable setting, thereby reducing exam pressure.
  • Students save travel time and money by writing these external tests at Columbia International College.

English Class Placement

  • During orientation, students are given a diagnostic test to determine their English proficiency.
  • Based on the test results, students are placed in an appropriate class to allow them to improve their English proficiency.

Convenient Enrolment

  • We offer 6 start dates (January, March, June, July, August and October) for students’ convenience.
  • Students may choose to study from one semester to one year.
  • For the convenience of students, our ESL courses are offered on a 4-week or 8-week basis