Multilingual staff help students and parents feel comfortable and connected

Language and culture shouldn’t be barriers to a high quality education for students or to effective communication with parents. Many of Columbia’s liaison and admissions staff come from outside Canada and are fluent in some of the languages frequently spoken by our students and their families. This makes these staff members very helpful to students during their transition to life at Columbia and to families who need to connect with the school. Students can use Columbia’s multilingual staff to guide them to the correct department when they have questions or concerns and to provide translation services when students need to communicate with English-speaking school departments. Parents can contact these multilingual resources by telephone or email whenever they have questions, concerns or are looking for an update on their child’s progress and well-being.

Connect with us:

MAIN PHONE LINE: +1-905-572-7883

Name Title Regions Represented Language(s) Spoken Phone and E-mail
Mr. Lorenzo Mesquita Admissions/Liaison Officer Americas and Iran Portuguese, Spanish, English Ext. 2833
Ms. Priscilla Tamaklo Admissions/Liaison Officer Africa French, English Ext. 2841
Ms. Julia Abdoullaeva Admissions/Liaison Officer Eastern Europe and Eurasia Russian, English, Spanish, Turkish, French Ext. 2818
Ms. Jane Liu Admissions/Liaison Officer China Mandarin, English Ext. 2814
Ms. Krystal Nguyen Admissions/Liaison Officer Vietnam,S.E. Asia English, Vietnamese Ext. 2749
Ms. Maggie Li Admissions/Liaison Officer  China Mandarin, English Ext. 2731

Ms. Sing Wai Chu Admissions/Liaison Officer  China Cantonese, Mandarin, English Ext. 2831