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Google Classroom: Columbia International College as a Digital School

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Beginning in January 2019, Columbia teachers and students will take part in a pilot program using Google Classroom as a learning management system and digital classroom platform. Through the Classroom page and app, students have 24-7 access to all of their learning materials in addition to the applications offered through GSuite; Google Drive, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Calendar, Sites, Chats, Forms, and Photos. Each of these enables teachers to create a dynamic classroom where students collaborate, explore, and extend their knowledge. Flipped classrooms, student feedback systems, and media integration put the discovery of new knowledge in the student’s hands.

Google Classroom allows teachers to move beyond the traditional classroom setting and develop a digital educational community. Students have the opportunity to create content and enhance their learning, leading to greater achievement and success. The digital classroom takes into account the technology of the world today that students will soon find themselves immersed and working in as they move onto post-secondary education and to future careers.

CIC is dedicated to providing a safe, caring, and inclusive learning environment, which extends to the technology we integrate into the classroom. We strive to teach students responsible and efficient online practices in the digital classroom. Students can reflect upon their contributions and develop strong critical thinking and communication skills while taking initiative for their own learning and success.

Schools across the globe have adopted Google Classroom as their learning management system, providing students and teachers with the opportunity to grow, learn, and succeed. CIC looks forward to continuing to enrich the learning community and further prepare students for their academic future with this new educational platform.

The Cedar Building Student Garden Blossoms

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This year students at Cedar building, with the lead of Ms. Keylin (Student Development ESL coordinator) and the help of teachers and staff, planted, maintained and harvested vegetables and herbs that were not only used for various class activities and lunch time activities but also to support our community.

Ms. Keylin contacted Wellwood Home, a neighboring charity organization, and offered to donate the produce collected from the garden beds.

Students not only learned in class about Wellwood Home and their various programs to support Cancer patients and their families but also were given a fun and interactive tour by Tsehay Said (Manager of Volunteers), who expressed their gratitude to all the students and staff from Cedar Building.

We are all so proud of the work of all the classes and the staff members involved in the process. From preparing the garden bed in the spring to harvesting, everyone played an important role and they should be proud of themselves as well.