CIC has more top universities in the partnership program than any other school

  • CIC has more than 10 university partners, the most among Canadian high schools. Most of these partners are world class universities such as U of Toronto, Waterloo, Western and McMaster
  • Our university partners designate admission staff to work closely with our University Placement Office on student applications and admissions
  • Throughout the year, admission representatives from more than 35 universities from Canada, USA and UK visit CIC and hold information sessions for our graduating students
  • The University of Toronto, the University of Waterloo and McMaster University accept more graduates from Columbia International College than from any other school worldwide


Admissions Advantages

  • Receive early admissions from universities
  • Have special assigned staff from university admissions offices to service Columbia’s University Placement Office and graduates

English Proficiency Exemption Advantage

CIC graduates are exempted from TOEFL / IELTS:

  • Western University
    • a minimum of 75 % in both Grade 11 & 12 English mark
  • York University, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
    • a minimum of 75 % in both Grade 11 & 12 English mark or
    • a minimum of 80 % Grade 12 English mark
  • Ontario Tech University
    • a minimum of 70% Grade 12 English mark
  • University Of Ottawa
    • a minimum of 80% Grade 12 English mark

Scholarships Advantages

Columbia graduates have more chances to be awarded university entrance scholarship than graduates from other schools. Apart from regular entrance scholarships, University Partners also provide the following designated scholarships for CIC grads:

  • University Of Toronto, Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship
    • a) 5 x C$ 4,000
    • b) 10 x C$ 2,000
  • Western University
    • top 3 grads of CIC
  • York University, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
    • 4 x C$ 3,500
  • Ontario Tech University
    • 6 x C$ 5,000
  • University Of Waterloo
    • 4 x C$ 3,000
  • Mount Allison University
    • 3 x C$ 3,000
  • Brock University
    • 4 x C$ 3,500

Our Grads Excel at Top Universities

Over the past couple of years that I’ve looked back at the data, we’ve observed the success rate of Columbia students. Their graduation rate is higher than our regular students, which means they go from first year to fourth year faster than our regular students and we are very, very pleased to see graduation rate data that is as successful as those.

There is no other school in Canada where we get more students, in any one year than Columbia International College.

Columbia graduates thrive here, they do well here, they’re leaders here and we want more of them.

Lorretta Neebar
Registrar and Director of
Enrolment Management
University of Toronto, Mississauga

McMaster and Columbia have enjoyed an excellent relationship over the years since 1996 when the education Alliance at Hamilton established annual entrance scholarships for Columbia graduates.

In 2009 an additional partnership was formed to guarantee admission to all Columbia students who meet McMaster’s admission requirements.

As a result, every year McMaster accepts many Columbia graduates into challenging programs to help achieve their education and career goals.

Melissa Pool
University Registrar
McMaster University

Students admitted from Columbia alone represent a far bigger number than any other school worldwide.

Columbia students are the most fantastic students inside the classroom and outside. They actively participate in campus life at University of Waterloo.

Dr. Stephen Watt
Faculty of Mathematics
University of Waterloo