The University of Toronto is ranked #1 in Canada and #18 in the world.* Founded in 1827, UofT has evolved into Canada’s leading institution of learning, discovery and knowledge creation and one of the world’s top research-intensive universities, driven to invent and innovate.
CIC and UofT have been partners for many years and our Elite Pathway Program is the only one of it’s kind with any High School in the world.
UofT is a popular choice for CIC students who have been admitted to all programs at UofT. 25% of CIC graduates study Business (including Rotman Commerce), Computer Science and Engineering at UofT.
Sure-to-University graduates can apply for any program at UofT in all 3 campuses: St. George, Mississauga and Scarborough.
The University of Toronto offers 10 scholarships, each valued at $2,000, are exclusively available to the top 10 Columbia graduates who are admitted to the University of Toronto’s Mississauga campus.
International (Visa) Students
Business Computer Science Engineering Other
$61,720 $61,720 $67,370 $45,800 - $61,720
Canadian Students
$6,100 - $14,180
Campus Arts/Social Sci./ Hum. Avg Business/ Commerce/ Mgmt Avg. Comp Science/ Math Avg. Engineering Avg. Science Avg. Appl. Deadline TOEFL BT IELTS CAEL Additional Reqs.
St. George Campus 81-88% 88%+ 90%+(C.S) 85%(Math) 85-91% 85-88% Jan 15 100 6.5 70 COPE (86); May require 75% or 80% in ENG4U
Mississauga Campus 75-80% 85% 85% (C.S) 81-85% (math) N/A 75-85% Jan 15 100 6.5 70 COPE (86); Min. 70% in ENG4U
Scarborough Campus 75-80% 85-88% 90-95% N/A 75-85% Jan 15 100 6.5 70 COPE (86)
*2020 World University Ranking by Times Higher Education
“Over the past 4 years that I’ve looked back at the data, we’ve observed the success rate of Columbia students. Their graduation rate is higher than our regular students, which means they go from first year to fourth year faster than our regular students and we are very, very pleased to see graduation rate data that is as successful as those.
There is no other school in Canada where we get more students, in any one year than Columbia International College.
Columbia graduates thrive here, they do well here, they’re leaders here and we want more of them.”
Lorretta Neebar
Registrar and Director of Enrolment Management
University of Toronto, Mississauga