Applying to university for admission and scholarships is a challenging process for students.

Each university has its own specific requirements and deadlines. Without paying meticulous attention to the process and the details, students can easily miss being admitted into their dream university and getting the awards they deserve.

At CIC, each graduating student is assigned an experienced UPO Counsellor. With compassion and devotion, the counsellor takes the student through our comprehensive University Placement process with a plan that is custom-made to the student’s needs and desires. This maximizes the chances of the students’ successful admission to their dreamed universities based on their academic performance. The following chart highlights how it works.

Parents have peace of mind as they are kept informed of the student’s university choices and the application status via the on-line ezReport Card.

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CIC’s UPO helps our graduating students successfully
enter their dream university

Stages of Application

Learn &
Be Prepared

One-on-One Counselling

  • One-on-one counselling to help students understand their own expectations and their interests

Campus Visits

  • To get a first-hand feel of the campus, UPO arranges guided tours to the universities and arranges meetings with admissions staff, professors and students to explore everything the universities offer

Meet University Reps

  • Organizes the annual University Fair where top ranked universities in Canada gather at CIC to provide the latest admission details to our graduates including Q&A sessions

Info Seminars

  • UPO conducts seminars about the latest procedures, requirements and application deadlines of various universities and provides students with information booklets
  • UPO provides data on previous year’s university admission averages and requirements
  • Explains to students the CIC U-Partnership Program and the exclusive advantages our university partners offer to them

Consider & Decide
on Universities


  • Conducts seminars to consult students on what they should consider when choosing their universities

One-on-One Counselling

  • Holds one-on-one counselling sessions to guide students in selecting universities that will meet their interests and maximize their chance of success at the same time

Prepare &
Submit Application

Small Group Workshops

  • Conducts small group workshops to guide students in completing the application forms online
  • Ensures the students submit all required documents to the universities including portfolio, supplementary forms, and application fees


  • UPO trains students on how to prepare for video and in person interviews

University Interviews at CIC

  • With applications completed, university admissions staff meet and conduct interviews at CIC with those who applied to that university

Monitors Status

  • For each graduating student, UPO monitors the entire process to ensure that everything is complete
  • Keeps students up-to-date on their university application status and makes adjustments when needed