McMaster University is recognized as an institution that inspires innovation and discovery and widely known for delivering high quality education. Students are drawn to its charming campus and its diverse and inclusive school community..
McMaster is home to the DeGroote School of Business, one of the best commerce schools in Canada. All programs at McMaster are very popular with CIC graduates, especially Life Sciences, Engineering and Business.
CIC and McMaster University have had a longstanding partnership. CIC students have been annually receiving acceptances to study at McMaster University, and have been volunteering at McMaster’s Children’s Hospital for many years.
McMaster University offers 4 designated scholarships valued at $3,000 each awarded annually in December, May or June to the top 4U graduate(s) of Columbia International College entering the university.
International (Visa) Students
Business Computer Science Engineering Other
$47,173 $53,049 $65,428 $43,008 - $45,271
Canadian Students
$6,040 - $12,446
Campus Arts/Social Sci./ Hum. Avg Business/ Commerce/ Mgmt Avg. Comp Science/ Math Avg. Engineering Avg. Science Avg. Appl. Deadline TOEFL BT IELTS CAEL Additional Reqs.
McMaster University 75-83% 87-90% 88-92% (Integr. Bus. & Hum.) 90%(C.S.) 85-88%(Math) 87% 90%(Integrated Biomedical Eng & HealthSci) 80%(BTech) 85-90% Jan 15 86 6.5 70