A Re-entry Visa, “Temporary Resident Visa”, allows you to enter or re-enter Canada for the duration of your Study Permit. It does not have to remain valid after you enter Canada; however, you will need a valid Re-entry Visa to re-enter Canada if you visit another country during your studies. Note that a TRV does not guarantee entry: issues such as (undeclared) criminality, lack of proof of financial sustainability, or medical infirmity can result in inadmissibility. In other to apply for a Re-entry Visa, you need:

You need a valid post-secondary Study Permit

A post-secondary Study Permit is a document that allows you to study in a Canadian University or College. Before applying for a Re-entry Visa you must apply for a post-secondary Study Permit.

If you do not have a post-secondary study permit you must submit your application to the Admissions Department before June 30th. Applications will not be accepted beyond this date.

You need a valid Passport

A passport is issued by your country of citizenship. Your Canadian immigration documents will not be issued beyond the expiry date of your passport. We recommend renewing your passport at least six months before it expires. If you need to apply for a new passport while in Canada, you can do so through an embassy, diplomatic mission or consulate of your country

If you do not have a post-secondary study permit you must submit your application to the Admissions Department before June 30th. Applications will not be accepted beyond this date.

Find out what you need to enter Canada

Before you board a plane to Canada, you either need a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) unless you are a citizen of the United States. Determine which authorization you need by taking the short Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada questionnaire.

Lost, stolen or damaged Canadian documents

If one of your Canadian immigration documents has been lost, stolen or damaged, you can apply for a replacement copy. Most documents issued by Canadian immigration authorities can be replaced except for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). You will have to apply for a new TRV once you have a valid passport and study permit.

Applying online (in Canada)

If you need to apply for a new TRV and extension of your study permit from within Canada, the study permit renewal application is completed first and the application for a TRV is submitted after the new study permit is received.

  1. Create/sign in to your account
  2. Select Visitor visa, study, and/or work permit.
  3. Read each question carefully, and answer the questions to determine your eligibility to apply

    • When asked, “What would you like to do in Canada?”
      • Answer: Study
    • When asked, “How long are you planning to stay in Canada?”
      • Answer: Temporarily- more than 6 months
    • When asked, “What is your country/ territory of residence? If you are presently in Canada, you should select Canada”
      • Answer: Canada
    • When asked “What is your current Immigration status in Canada?”
      • Answer: Student
    • When asked, “Which of the following best describes your situation?”
      • Answer: I have a study permit for a specific institution or level of education
  4. Once you have answered the questions you will be brought to your document checklist. You will need to submit the following documents:
    • Application for Visitor Visa (Temporary Resident Visa) Made outside of Canada (IMM5257)

      • When asked for UCI (Unique Client Identifier), refer to Study Permit
      • When asked, “Current country of residence”
          • Status: Student
          • From: Date you came to Canada as a student (check passport for Canadian stamp)
          • To: Expiry date on your current Study Permit

      • When asked, “Details of visit to Canada”
        • Purpose of my visit: Returning student
        • Indicate how long you plan to stay:
          • From: Today’s date
          • To: Expiry date on your current Study Permit
        • Name, address and relationship of any person(s) or institution(s) I will visit:
          • Under section 1: fill in your University/College’s information

      • When asked, “Education”
          • Have you had any post-secondary education (including university, college or apprenticeship training)?
            • Answer: Yes (if you have begun University/ College)
            • Answer: No (if you have not begun (University/ College)
          • If you answered yes:
            • Under section 1: fill in your university’s information, and indicate when your studies will begin and end
      • When asked, “Employment”
        • Under section 1: fill in your university’s information, and indicate when your studies will begin and end (If you have not begun your studies, you will need to fill in CIC’s information here)
        • Under section 2: fill in CIC’s information, and indicate when you became a student, and when you graduated

      • Recent Education Transcript
        • If you are in you first semester of University/ College you will need to order your CIC transcript from the College Store and submit it for the application
        • If you have completed at least one semester of University/ College you will need to order your transcript from your school’s Registrar
      • Proof of Next Terms Enrolment
        • The Proof of Enrolment document can be ordered from your school’s registrar
        • Combine this document in a single PDF with your Letter of Acceptance from your university/ college
      • Canadian Study or Work Permit
        • Submit scan of one or both of the documents in a single PDF file
      • Passport
        • Scan data page in Passport alongside every page that has a stamp, visa, or study permit
      • Proof of Means of Financial Support
        • Submit scan of your parents bank statement
          • Note: bank statement should have balance high enough to cover at least one year of tuition
        • Submit Financial Support Letter

    • Digital Photo
    • Custodianship
      This document is only required for applicants 16 years old and younger

    • Family Information Form
      • If Immigration Canada request this document from you, fill it out, and submit that scanned copy
  5. Pay the application fee and submit the application.
  6. Keep all files used in your application for your records.
  7. Once your application has been processed, the Case Processing Centre (CPC) in Ottawa will issue your application a Submission Confirmation.
  8. Keep checking your application, and wait until your receive a Passport Request Letter.
  9. Once you receive a “Passport Request Letter” you have 30 days to submit your passport and “Passport Request Letter” to Immigration Canada.
  10. Mailing instructions:

    • Purchase two prepaid Xpresspost–Regional envelopes at any Canada Post retail outlet. Purchase two different sized envelopes.
    • Follow the Immigration Canada instructions on how to mail your passport
    • Take a photo or your envelopes, note their tracking numbers
    • Mail the following documents:
      • An additional Xpresspost envelope
      • Your passport
      • You Passport Request Letter
    • Now mail your package!
    • If you do not send a second prepaid Xpresspost envelope, Immigration will return your passport by regular mail. Their office is not responsible for items lost in the mail.
    • Immigration will only return your passport through regular mail or a prepaid Xpresspost envelope. (If you include a prepaid envelope from a private courier company, they will not use it.)

You can check estimated application processing times on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website. If your application is taking longer than the processing time posted, you can contact CPC-Ottawa.