CIC hosts Crime Stoppers of Hamilton’s annual Evening of Appreciation

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Columbia International College has been a supporter of Hamilton Crime Stoppers Inc. since 1995.  Mr. Ron Rambarran, Columbia’s Emeritus Principal, has sat on the Board of Hamilton Crime Stoppers Inc. since 1995.  He has been thrice past chair of the program and received the 2015 International Civilian of the Year award from Crime Stoppers International.

Crime Stoppers is a community organization dedicated to engaging citizens in maintaining safe communities across the world. It is a partnership among the community, the local media and the police.

Columbia International College hosts Crime Stoppers of Hamilton’s annual Evening of Appreciation in January of each year.  At this event, Crime Stoppers recognizes those members of the partnership (community, media, police services) who have contributed significantly to the program in the previous year.

Click below for pictures from the event:

Posted by Columbia International College on Monday, January 28, 2019

Fashion Show – A Celebration of Cultural Diversity

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Welcome to the Spirit Week at Columbia International College, the most diverse private school in Canada! It’s one of the many events celebrating multiculturalism and diversity at Columbia.

At the annual Fashion Show held on Sep 28, Students and staff of all different races walked down the runway and showed off colorful outfits representing their countries of origin and unique identity.

Guided Tours of Universities

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The University Placement Office (UPO) has been running a number of trips to take students on guided tours of York University, Western University, University of Waterloo, University of Toronto (Mississauga), and Brock University. These trips started during the March Break and will run into early April.

The trips offer our students the opportunity to learn about the programs while gaining information about the admission process. Students also get the chance to talk to current students, professors and admission staff about their interests and concerns. It is a great opportunity for students to see if this is a university they would like to attend in the future.

English proficiency requirements from the University of Waterloo

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Recently, many of our students from regions in Africa have received an email from the University of Waterloo asking them to prove their English Proficiency in one of the following ways:

  • Submit their previous school transcript or a letter from their previous school principal stating how long they attended that school and that the education was entirely in English.
  • Submit an English Proficiency Test result such as IELTS, TOEFL, MELAB or CAEL. If a student received this request, they will likely need to write a test and submit it right away.

If a student receives the email or if they see the request in their Quest account, they should follow the instructions in the email

  • If despite doing so, Waterloo or any other university still requires proof of English Proficiency, the students will need to write an English Proficiency test


  • March 31, 2017 for Engineering programs
  • April 7, 2017 for most other programs
  • Columbia International College is a testing centre for the IELTS, TOEFL, MELAB and CAEL tests. Students should register as soon as possible if the need to write a test.


After learning about the policy, the University Placement Counselor Team:

  • Emailed potentially impacted students to advise them to check their email and Quest account with Waterloo and explain what the request means
  • Held a meeting with potentially impacted students to explain the request in detail and provide next steps

The University Placement Office is working with students to:

  • Help them review their application to ensure no errors were made
  • Help liaise with the University of Waterloo if students will have difficulty fulfilling the request
  • Help students understand any similar requests from other universities that may require a different solution
  • Help students understand the English Proficiency Tests available and how to register to write one at CIC if required

Students with concerns about the new policy of the University of Waterloo should come meet their University Placement Counsellor IMMEDIATELY.

Holiday School Hours

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merry christmas

For visitors who are looking to contact staff at our Ainsliewood or Maple buildings during the holidays, please be advised of our Holiday Hours;

Dec 24 Open (Closing at 1 pm)
Dec 25 Closed (Statutory Holiday – Christmas)
Dec 28 Closed (Statutory Holiday – Boxing Day)
Dec 29 Open (Normal Business Hours)
Dec 30 Open (Normal Business Hours)
Dec 31 Open (Closing at 1 pm)
Jan 1, 2016 Closed
Jan 4, 2016 Open (Normal Business Hours)

On behalf of the entire Columbia community, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

2015 Spring Show

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On Friday, April 24, Columbia held one of the most popular events of the year, the Spring Show!

Showcasing the diverse talent of the student population, the Spring Show featured many outstanding vocal and dance performances. Students chose to perform both modern and traditional songs and stood out by adding their unique personal touches. The creativity of their performances was evident by the deafening cheers and applauses that followed each act.

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December grads encouraged to live a life that matters

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December grads encouraged to live a life that matters

Yesterday, Columbia International College celebrated December’s graduating during the 2014 December graduation ceremony. Joined by staff, teachers, parents and friends, teachers, students, Ainsliewood Gym to attend the 90 minute ceremony.

Keynote Address
Ms. Kim Meade, Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President (Student Services), Brock University® delivered an inspiriting keynote address. She gave a number of important tips for succeeding in their academic and personal lives; “express appreciation to those who have helped you,”; “tap into your potential and passion,”; and “mistakes and failures are essential to learning.” Her last piece of advice was to “live a life that matters” and borrowed the words from Michael Josephson’s “What Will Matter” poem.

Valedictory Address and Vote of Thanks
Ubani Chiamaka Hilary was overwhelmingly chosen by his peers -with 95% of the vote-to represent the 2014 December graduating class as Valedictorian. He began his speech with the normal and usual formalities like reflecting on the time spent at Columbia and recapping some of the fun and exciting events. However, it was the latter part of his speech that excited his peers and captivated the attention of those in the audience. Ubani made history when he rapped the final part of his speech, focusing his message on fulfilling dreams and living life to the fullest.

Vote of Thanks was eloquently delivered by Zhang YanZi (June) who expressed her gratitude for being chosen to speak on behalf of the class. She thanked everyone from teachers and support staff, to campus safety and the medical clinic for playing vital roles in ensuring student success. She also stated how thankful she was for meeting people from around the world and making lifelong friends.

University Representatives 
Columbia was grateful to welcome university representatives from across Ontario who served as the ceremony’s guests of honour and presented certificates to the graduates. Included were:
Mr. Ni Jadon, Ms. May Zhai – McMaster University®
Mr. Marc-André Gougeon – University of Ottawa
Ms. Alisha Koumphol – Ryerson University
Mr. Dan Vassiliou – University of Ontario® Institute of Technology
Ms. Jenny Hickman – University of Toronto, Scarborough
Dr. Serge D’Alessio – University of Waterloo®
Ms. Betty Chang – Western University
Ms. Lindsay Amyot – York University®

Special Presentation
Columbia’s Head of Campus Safety also attended the ceremony to presentHamilton Police Service Constable, Jon Van Oene, with a special memento thanking him for his exemplary service as our schools Police Liaison Officer. Constable Van Oene has worked closely with us and goes above and beyond to ensure that our students, and our school community, remain a safe one.

Photos and Video
For the second consecutive year, December’s graduation ceremony was streamed live on our YouTube channel. The full production of the ceremony will be available in the coming weeks.

Photos of the ceremony and reception can be found on our Facebook page.

A special thank you to UPO, Liaison, and Maintenance teams for their work in organizing and preparing for the event.

Thank you also to Sodexo for providing a wonderful reception and to Mr. Lawlis and the Vocal Music Ensemble for their musical contributions.