International Students Canadian Students
Academic Program: Grades 9,10,11 & 12 $2,300 per course $1,725 per course
ESL Program $2,300 per course $1,725 per course
Academic Program: Grade 7 & 8 (textbooks included) $23,000 per year $17,250 per year

Residence Fees

Residence Fees vary depending on the type of residence as well as the type of residence and room chosen.

Residence Fees
Room Type Fall Semester (Aug – Dec) Winter Semester (Jan – May) Summer Semester (Mid May – June)
Triple room – private bath $2,700 $2,430 $810
Triple room – shared bath $2,475 $2,227.50 $742.50
Double room – private bath $3,250 $2,925 $975
Double room – shared $3,025 $2,722.50 $907.50
Single room – private bath $4,895 $4,405.50 $1,468.50

Young ASEP Achievers Program Fee

Young ASEP Achievers Program Fee
(January to May) Per Semester $1,000.00
(May to June) Per Semester $500.00
(August to December) Per semester * $1,000.00

* Compulsory for student who were or are under 16 years at the beginning of the academic calendar year (August 1st)

All prices are subject to change. Please contact the Admissions Manager for current prices.

Meal Plan

Our cafeterias serve a total of 23 meals per week. Residence cafeterias are open to serve meals on all public and school holidays.

Monday to Friday – Breakfast, lunch, dinner & evening snack (except on Friday).

Saturday, Sunday and holidays – Brunch and dinner

Meal Plan
Fall Semester Meal Plan Fee (per semester) $3,300.00
Winter Semester Meal Plan Fee (per semester) $2,970.00
Summer Semester Meal Plan Fee (per semester) $990.00

Non-Residence Students

All students living off-campus must purchase either a Lunch Plan or a Breakfast and Lunch Plan

Non-residence Meal Plan
Non-residence Meal Plan Fall Semester Winter Semester Summer Semester
Breakfast $605.00 $545.00 $182.00
Lunch $735.00 $654.00 $218.00
Dinner $1030.00 $927.00 $310.00

Medical Insurance

All international students are required to have Medical Insurance during their stay in Canada

Medical Insurance
5 Months $350.00
6 Months $425.00
8 Months $675.00
12 Months $675.00


Deposits are refundable upon Completion of studies or termination of student status

School and residence deposits $1,000.00


Uniform package consist of pants, shirts, vest, blazer, tie, school pin, polo shirts, t-shirt.

Package Cost $531

Bus Pass

A discounted bus pass fee for the Hamilton City Bus has been negotiated for the benefit of our students.
Discounted bus pass will be sold by semester.

Bus Pass
1 Month 6 Months 8 Months 9 Months 10 Months 11 Months 12 Months
Bus Pass (On-Campus) N/A $390.00 $520.00 $585.00 $650.00 N/A $780.00
Bus Pass (Off-Campus) $75 $450.00 N/A $675.00 $750 N/A $900.00

Technology / Activity Fee

The Technology / Activity Fee is managed by the Student Council to hold events for students and charged by the semester.

Technology / Activity Fee
6 Months 10 Months 12-months / Junior Middle 7 and 8
Activity Fee $115.00 $150.00 $190.00

Student Bursaries


  • The siblings of a student currently studying at Columbia receive a 25% discount on their tuition fee. The Sibling Discount applies only when siblings attend the school at the same time (i.e. in the same semester) and tuition fees are paid in full.

Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents

  • Permanent Residents and citizens of Canada receive a 25% discount on the tuition fee only
  • Therefore the Sibling Discount does not apply in such cases.

Custodianship Declaration

  • Custodian legal fee is free for students who reside in Columbia’s Residences.
  • For students who are under the age of 18 and want to reside in home-stay, a one-time custodianship legal fee of $300.00 applies.
  • Custodianship will cease when student is no longer attending Columbia International College.

Letter of Acceptance

A Letter of Acceptance will only be issued after the school has received full payment of fees.


Residence, tuition, meal plan, uniform and damage deposit are fully refundable less administration and application fee if you are refused a student visa by the Canadian Immigration Authority. All fees are non-refundable if you are issued a student visa by the Canadian Immigration Authority.