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CIC Celebrates Class of June 2024’s Remarkable Achievements

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On June 28, Columbia International College celebrated the Class of June 2024 for successfully completing their high school journey with perseverance and embarking on an exciting new chapter in their lives!

This year marks the 45th anniversary of CIC. The Class of 2024 graduates achieved incredible accomplishments:

  • Their total amount of university admission scholarships exceeded $19.23 million CAD, with an average of more than $54,000 CAD per person; 
  • Nema Diallo earned total scholarships of 623,100 CAD, CIC’s record high in 45 years of history
  • The number of students admitted to the Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto reached 27; 
  • The number of students admitted to many competitive programs at many top universities also exceeded the previous years; 

Ontario Lieutenant Governor Edith Dumont sent a congratulatory letter to extend warm congratulations to CIC 2024 graduates! She writes: “As you embark on the next chapter of your life, whether at college, at university, in an apprenticeship, or in the workforce, I encourage you to be passionate about pursuing your dreams and ambitions.” 

Dr. Joe Stokes, University Registrar of Ontario Tech University delivered a Keynote speech encouraging the graduates to conquer challenges in the future with optimism and confidence.

Nema Diallo delivered an inspiring Valedictorian speech. Completing high school in just 3 years, she made a tremendous impact through her involvement in extracurricular activities while maintaining an outstanding academic record. 

Nema praised the graduates for bringing unique cultures and traditions from their home countries, creating a vibrant and diverse community at CIC. She emphasized that as this final chapter of their teenage years comes to an end, the determination, resilience, friendships, and lessons they’ve learned will be essential in shaping their bright futures. 

Maha Abdul-Razak shared her heart-warming Vote of Thanks. During her stay at CIC, Maha consistently played a leadership role, using her natural humility and organizational skills to deliver a memorable experience for her peers.

Maha expressed her gratitude to the various Total Care departments for their collaborative efforts in delivering world-class education. She acknowledged how this experience has made her a better person, equipping her with the strength and skills for a bright future. 

CIC CEO Clement Chan and Principal Diana Reid spoke at the ceremony, encouraging the graduates to conquer challenges with resilience and promising

Congratulations to the graduates who received various awards and scholarships for their outstanding accomplishments in and out of the classroom! Your hard work, dedication, and achievements have truly set you apart.

  • Principal’s Scholarship (University Pathway): Nematoulaye Diallo 
  • Principal’s Scholarship Canadian (Community College Pathway): Theo Wu 
  • Clement Chan Founders’ Merit Scholarship : Kimberly Muhanguzi 
  • Partner School Scholarship: Eduardo Disconsi Bochi 
  • Business Excellence Scholarship: Nematoulaye Diallo 
  • Social Studies Excellence Scholarship: Nematoulaye Diallo 
  • English Excellence Scholarship: Qian Wen Jade Wei, Lavina Nana Adjeiwaa Opoku 
  • Math Excellence Scholarship: Yunuo Li 
  • Sciences Excellence Scholarship: Kasaei Hossein 
  • Fine Arts Excellence Scholarship: Willow Sandjaja Munaba 
  • Kevin Matthews Perseverance Scholarship: Kony Wamanga Cael Gonyi 
  • Jim Lawlis Memorial Scholarship: Tianhang Guan 
  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award: Willow Sandjaja Munaba, Cheuk Kiu Lam 

We are extremely proud of the brilliant achievements of our graduates, and
sincerely hope that they will continue to carry forward their good character, contribute to the community, seize opportunities, and achieve their personal dreams!

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