2 Intakes in a Year (See Intake J1 & J2)
Special Care for Young Students:
YAA Program

Students who are under 16 as of July 31 of each year are placed in the Young ASEP Achiever (YAA) Program to ensure they receive the priority care and attention they need in order to grow and mature into responsible adults.

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Head Start
English Credit
Fall Semester
Winter Semester
Fall / Winter Intakes

The Head Start program at CIC is designed to ensure each young student grows to their full potential in their studies, in developing their life skills and in their English proficiency – because of the Total Care Education System®.

The Head Start Program treats every student as an individual
and gives them a great foundation for a lifetime of success.

A Head Start in… Academic Advancement

  • A comfortable and compassionate environment for learning
  • Curriculum that focuses on critical and creative thinking
  • Personal goal setting and self-reflection to foster a strong work ethic
  • Integrated Curriculum at our own 700-acre Bark Lake Leadership Outdoor Education Centre

A Head Start in… Communication Skills and English Language

  • Intensive English preparation course to ensure students are at the appropriate level before they enter
    the school year.
  • English and media literacy courses apply new skills to every element of their learning.
  • Designated English study time with houseparents and private tutoring available for students who need
    extra help learning English and other subjects

A Head Start in… Character Development and Life Skills

  • Classroom and living environment that encourages social skills and greater self-confidence
  • Range of extracurricular activities onsite and offsite, giving students exposure to hobbies, volunteering
    opportunities, sports and passions
  • Extensive support network – teachers, houseparents and counsellors – to promote independence,
    critical thinking, decision making

The CIC Edge

  • The Total Care Education System® ensures students are making progress in all their ASEP needs
  • The safety at our college, an integrated learning-living environment and the care from our entire staff – means no student falls through the cracks on their path to success
  • Our community promotes the value of respect for students from all continents

Admission Requirements

All applicants must complete our online application form
All applicants are required to provide transcripts of their primary school (Grade 1 to 6) results and their Junior Middle School results from their home country. Certified translation of the transcript to English when necessary.
No TOEFL or IELTS are required for admission. Students with low English proficiency will be placed in ESL lessons.
Applicants with any certificates, awards, etc. may submit them with the application