The purpose of the COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Survey is for contact tracing. It also provides the ability to proactively screen for exposure, and to prevent cross contamination. The results of this survey are intended to assist CIC in making decisions as to who may work from home, if required.

This survey is to be completed once and then only when there are changes.

Please be assured that results from this survey will remain confidential within Human Resources and the Nurse Supervisor. Your answers will not be shared without your consent. We do not need to know household member names or relationships.

These questions will not determine if you are cleared to report to work. They do not replace the COVID-19 Daily Employee Survey or Work Clearance protocols. The Nurse Supervisor will be monitoring the institutional outbreaks and will follow up proactively with the necessary employees.

In the event of an outbreak at a facility where an employee or household member(s) works, attends, and/or volunteers, we may advise the employee to quarantine themselves in order to prevent cross contamination to CIC.

If an employee or any member in the household have potentially been exposed to COVID-19, we are requesting that you advise as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time and cooperation in completing the survey.

HR Director

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