We deliver peace of mind for parents and foster student success

Our Stepped-up Safety Protection (SSP) effectively protected our students in the COVID-19 pandemic

Our residences remained open for our students and we delivered our educational programming via remote teaching and learning.

Under our SSP, our graduates

  • Stay healthy
  • Complete their studies on time
  • Applied to their dream universities without delay


  • Provided an environment that met and exceeded the health and safety standards of the federal and provincial health authorities of Canada

Our Total Care® Stepped-up Safety Protection Kept Our Students Healthy, Safe and Able to Succeed

Enforced a Strict

Health and Safety protocol

  • Restricted visitation to school and residences
  • Allowed no visitors except emergency repairs personnel
  • Temperature check at all entrances
  • Required students and staff to use hand sanitizer when entering buildings and cafeterias
  • New students were isolated for 14 days inside Canada before attending CIC


Comprehensive Practices

to Avoid Cross Contamination

  • Served meals to students in their residences in take-out disposable containers
  • Barred food delivery services from entering the residences
  • Provided no-touch delivery for take-out food
  • Disinfected all incoming packages
  • Observed social distancing and limited gatherings to a maximum of 5 people
  • Installed Plexiglass barriers for better protection of staff and students
  • Educated students on precautionary measures through posters and TV messages
  • Stopped our health workers from taking part-time jobs in other health facilities
  • Prohibited any school personnel with flu-like symptoms from reporting to work
  • Provided masks and gloves to all approved visitors, Food Service and Residence Staff on duty

Improved Hand Hygiene &

Increased Cleaning

  • Installed hand sanitizer and refill stations throughout the school and residences
  • Provided all students and staff a personal bottle of sanitizer
  • Increased cleaning of all high touch points such as door handles, elevator
    buttons, water fountains and washroom facilities 4 times a day
  • Cleared garbage containers in the public areas 4 times a day
  • Provided PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Students were given masks to wear when sick
  • Students who need to travel on a plane were given multiple masks and gloves for protection prior to leaving the residence

Started Remote

Teaching & Learning

  • Switched our teaching from classroom to inside residence for better safety

“Thanks to CIC for creating a safe environment for our study and living”

@Annie Tao

“Thank you for Total Care® program. I was totally confident that our son was in safe. Please share our appreciations with the whole CIC team.”

@Mariya Taran

Took Extra Steps to Protect

Our Students’ Health & Mental Wellness

  • We have mental wellness counsellors available day and evening, weekdays and weekends
  • Afternoon snack break allowed students to enjoy tea and a muffin
  • Provided masks to all Food Service and Residence Staff on duty

Keep Our Students in a

Happy Mood

  • Recess allowed students to have fresh air breaks throughout the day, weekdays and weekends while being mindful of social distancing

This to express our sincere gratitude to everybody - liaison, food services and residence staff - for their hands and hearts to organize this surprise for Nikita! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for tour caring attitude - it is so important for the kids and it does make a difference! You made this day for Nikita and us!

Nikita's family

We continued our full range of support services so that our students could graduate on time

  • University Placement Service
  • Guidance counselling
  • Google Coach
  • Health and Wellness services with daily nursing visits to residences
  • Toiletries for Convenience
  • CIC Crafters and Knitters
  • Hair Cut
  • Tutorial support
  • Liaison service
  • Student visa and study permit renewal service at residence and by email
  • Student Development Activities
  • On-site Gym
  • Textbook Delivery

All our students are happy that they can graduate on time and received their offers of admission & scholarships without delays

Congratulation to all May 2020 Graduates

“A BIG thank you to all teachers & staff of CIC”

@Tao Zhicheng

“We implemented the Extensive

stepped-up Safety Protection because

we are wholeheartedly committed to meeting the

promises of our Total Care Education Ststem®

to provide peace of mind for parents

and foster student success.”