Columbia International College’s excellent international reputation and superior students mean our graduates are in high demand at prestigious universities and colleges in Canada and around the world.

We formalized our relationships with more than a dozen of these top schools in Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and Australia with our highly successful University Partners program. Participating schools recognize the quality of Columbia’s students, offering them advantages such as conditional letters of acceptance as soon as they’re admitted to our university preparatory program and special scholarships.

This gives families and students peace of mind that their futures are secure, confidence that they have access to the best opportunities and a seamless transition to university and college programs at schools that are part of our University Partners program. We’re proud that Columbia’s excellent track record makes for a brighter future for our students. And we’re constantly adding more schools to program.


Admissions Advantages

  • Receive early admissions from universities
  • Have special assigned staff from university admissions offices to service Columbia’s University Placement Office and graduates
  • Enjoy extended application deadlines

English Proficiency Exemption Advantage

CIC graduates are exempted from TOEFL / IELTS:

  • With marks of 75% or higher in both Grade 11 & 12 English (ENG3U & ENG4U)
    • Western University
    • York University, Faulty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
  • With final mark of 80% or higher in Grade 12 English (ENG4U)
    • York University, Faulty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Scholarships Advantages

Columbia graduates have more chances to be awarded university entrance scholarship than graduates from other schools.

  • Regular entrance scholarships plus
  • Designated scholarships for CIC grads only