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Total Care+ Event Provide Under-16 Students with Valuable Knowledge & Skills

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Under-16 students at Columbia International College (CIC) stepped into a world of learning, creativity, and fun during the Total Care+ Event held on March 22nd. It exemplified CIC’s commitment to holistic student development, nurturing well-rounded individuals ready to thrive in a diverse and dynamic world.

Engaging Workshops to Enhance Student Growth

The Total Care+ event kicked off with engaging workshops covering a range of topics tailored to enhance students’ academic and personal growth.

In the Learning Styles workshop led by Guidance and UPO (University Placement Office), students discovered their unique learning styles—whether visual, auditory, read/write, or kinesthetic. They learned how to leverage these styles for success, reflect on their interests, values, personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses to guide their educational paths.

The Medical & Wellness workshop focused on Stress & Anxiety Management. Students had the opportunity to create stress balls while gaining insights into mental health, stress management techniques, overall wellness, and available support resources.

The Student Leadership Development (SLD) led an engaging Conflict Resolution workshop where students participated in a teamwork activity, aiming to “levitate the broom” using only their finger and effective communication. Through this exercise, students learned the importance of communication, listening skills, and problem-solving strategies applicable to school, relationships, and future careers.

The students also learned about the significance of the Ronald McDonald House and its vital role in supporting families during challenging times. Inspired by this impactful cause, they enthusiastically brainstormed creative ideas for upcoming fundraisers.

In the Residence workshop, students delved into Social Awareness and the experience of Living in Residence. They explored the benefits of living in a diverse community, navigating differences, understanding social norms in Canada and the local community, and how these experiences shape future relationships.

Arts, Sports, Games & Delicacies

After the workshops, students gathered for a group dinner at the World Fusion Cafeteria, generously provided by Chartwells. Energized and excited, they then had the opportunity to choose from a variety of activities. Some engaged in an art activity supplied by Crock A Doodle, while others enjoyed sports and board games organized by the SLD team.

Throughout the afternoon, students were treated to snacks and bubble tea as a delightful refreshment.

The Total Care+ Event was a resounding success, providing students with valuable knowledge, skills, and memorable experiences. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all departments and staff involved for their unwavering dedication to nurturing the holistic growth of our young learners.

What Is Total Care+ Program?

CIC’s unique
Total Care+ program is specifically designed to deliver extra guidance and caring to students under the age of 16. It aims to deliver peace of mind to parents abroad and to meet the holistic needs of young international students who live and learn away from home.

The Total Care+ program nurtures students by cultivating effective study habits, fostering strong Character, and developing life skills.  

These acquired tools ensure a well-rounded development and an empowered learning journey

Total Care+ students receive extra and individualized care and guidance around the clock in school and residence, under the caring wings of our Total Care+ teams:

  •  University Placement ​& Guidance​
  • Tutoring
  • Student Leadership Development 
  • Residential programming ​
  • Medical & Wellness​
  • Admissions & Liaison

Upon completion of Total Care+, students will gain:​

  • Better physical health and mental wellbeing in preparation for their senior grade at CIC ​
  • Stronger position for future success and beyond​​

For more information about the Total Care+ program, please contact Elizabeth Keary, Total Care+ Coordinator at CIC:

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