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High Achievers Get Support Weekly

By May 21, 2021May 27th, 2021No Comments

CIC runs weekly meetings where a group of High Achievers can take part in specialized activities based on their interests and university goals. The point is to explore a variety of experiences and learn new skills while building foundations for success in university and future careers. 

High Achievers are Grade 11 and 12 students who consistently earns top grades in their classes. A High Achiever student can be identified automatically by marks and/or by recommendation from teachers and other staff members. 

Develop Skills for Success 

CIC has recognized the abilities and skills of this group of students and is eager to give them extra opportunities to pursue the pathways of their dreams. 

Many of our High Achievers have dreams to attend the top universities in Canada, the United States and United Kingdom – we want to use these meetings to help provide them the foundation for a competitive application. 

Facilitate Stronger & Richer Resumes 

Many top universities require students to complete supplementary applications – this means that in addition to high grades, they are required to submit essays and/or videos detailing their extra-curricular experiences. They are looking for in depth, rich experiences, showing commitment and leadership. The more information, the better prepared the student will be. 

Here you can find some examples of the activities and opportunities for these students: 

Leadership and Co-curricular activities 

  • Citizenship development through events planning and community involvement, showing the universities the students are consistently involved and committed to the community 
  • Activities and opportunities to develop students’ Global Vision, Critical Thinking and Public Speaking skills 
  • Access to Guest Speakers and Networking Opportunities 
  • Theme based Workshops through hands-on activities to gain real and meaningful experiences 

University Placement Planning 

  • University Research and Program Selection Assistance  
  • University Placement Workshops to help the students to be prepared before starting the Grade 12 courses 
  • Individualized University/College Application Assistance and Preparation, so the student will be prepared to write meaningful and strong personal statements 
  • English Language Proficiency Preparation (IELTS, Duolingo, TOEFL at Home) 

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