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Important dates from the Guidance Department

By September 29, 2015October 5th, 2015No Comments

Guidance Dates - Fall

The Guidance Department would like to remind students about some important upcoming dates this semester.


9: Final exams for 4-week and 8-week students (ESL and Academic)

13 & 14:  Orientation and registration for new students

13 – 19, 2015 (50% DEFERRAL)
Students can withdraw from a course and defer 50% of the balance tuition fee (certain conditions apply)

14: 16-week mid-term reports / 8-week final reports

15: New 8-week and 4-week classes begin

19: Last day to withdraw from a 16-week course with no mark shown

22: 8-week late registrants will be auditing, Last day for 8-week students to drop a course with fees deferred

26-30: Course Confirmation Week
10:30 am – 2:30 pm
Department course show case in the market place
Career cruising workshops


18: Last day to withdraw from a 8-week course with no mark shown.

Last day to withdraw from 8-week & 16 week course with average mark to date shown.


8-11: Final exams

Please visit the Guidance Office or contact your Guidance Counsellor if you have any questions.

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