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JMS recreate Aesop’s Fables

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Cast photo

On Wednesday, June 10th, Columbia’s Junior Middle School (JMS) students starred in their own production of Aesop’s Fables as their year-end drama project.

Held in the Ainsliewood Drama room, students held two afternoon shows where they performed a selection of the famous fables for their peers, teachers, and staff.

Students learned the basics of theatre while helping to create the stage set and their costumes. They also taught the audience a few life lessons as they performed fables with meaningful morals such as the Lion and the Mouse which teaches that little friends may become great friends, and the Tortoise and the Hare which advises that slow and steady wins the race.

The audience loved the production and were impressed by the students’ dedication and talent.

Fable Name Role
Danylo Grechko Narrator  A
Maria Petrenko Narrator B
The Wolf and the Lamb Joshua Onuotu Wolf
Elizaveta Golova Lamb
The Lion and the Mouse Nikolay Avilov Lion
Huang Ting Ting (Amy) Mouse
Li Khen Ir (Sasha) Alfred
Daria Volkova Fredericka
Viktoriya Petrova Winnifred
The Ants and the Grasshopper Mirabelle Ayebiamiete Ifa Kuku Ant A
Maryam Yusuf-Aliyu Ant B
Nelly Chisom Okwu-Wolu Ant C
Daye Fubaru Grasshopper
The Tortoise and the Hare Aliyah Omotola Jimoh Danielle Dog
JouJou Djoulde Diaw Miss Owl
Lai Leixi (Kimberly) Tortoise
Ekpunobi Uzoma Adora (Zoe) Hare
The Hen of the Golden Eggs Daphne Chantal Arko-Dadzie Narrator C
Favour Oluwatofunmi Kolade Farmer
Anna Ebinyo Kuku Elf
Guo Zhen Hui (Mark) Man #1
Yang Yi Xin (Eason) Man #2
Zhang Xuan He (Jasmine) Woman #1
Cheng Tsz Yin (Kelly) Woman #2

Thank you to Miss Forsyth, Miss Aldea, Miss Edge, Miss Oraham and all other teachers and staff who assisted in the production and organization of the play.

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Aesop’s Fables
Aesop’s Fables are classic tales that teach important life lessons and morals. They are believed to have been originally written by Aesop, a slave and storyteller that lived in ancient Greece around 560 BCE.

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