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Recognizing ESL top achievers

By April 7, 2015September 1st, 2015No Comments

ESL top achiever group photo

Last week, Columbia recognized a few of its top achieving ESL students. Awards were presented to top achievers in various ESL courses from December, January and February. Students who received the highest mark in their respective classes were presented with a certificate of distinction by Mr. Galea, ESL Department Head, Mr. Rambarran, Principal, and Mr. Putt, Head of Senior School.

Students were thrilled to have their hard work acknowledged and thanked their teachers for providing constant support and encouragement. They also shared their secret to success in hopes of inspiring and motivating their peers to persevere through learning challenges and difficulties.

Recipient Course Secret to Success
December 2014
Wang Zhi EOA4Z
Xie Feiyu ESLAO
Wei Jiangnan ESLBO “I think do homework every day and pay attention in class are the best ways to study.”
Yang Zhenming ESLCO Never give up the way that you chose. Review anything you have learned.”
Gu Liufang ESLDO “Planning time reasonably. Don’t ignore home after school.”
January 2015
Sun Jiyue ESLAO
Xu Nuo ESLBO “I think it is a good idea to follow teacher’s task and finish it on time. You should review every day.”
Xu Donglin ESLCO /td>
Nguyen Hoang Phuc ESLDO “I think if you want to succeed in study or life, you need to work hard. Also, you need to have optimistic thoughts.”
February 2015
Chen Junwei ESLBO “Review what you learn after school every day.”
Choi Kwangmin ESLCO “I just do my homework every day. I didn’t give up when I got difficult problems.”
Deme Abdoulaye ESLDO “The secret of my success is the hard work and the help of my amazing teachers.”
Nguyen Hoang Phuc ESLEO “I think if you want to succeed in study or life, you need to work hard. Also, you need to have optimistic thoughts.”

Character Awards
This award ceremony was especially unique as it also recognized students who have shown exceptional character in their classes. Five students were recommended by their teachers for showing excellence in character for two traits, responsibility and perseverance.

Niu Zhiyu
Zhao Jiaqi
Wei Jiangnan
Nguyen Hoang Phuc

Zheng Bowen

Congratulations to all our top achievers and character award recipients!

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