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Students Showcase Optimization Skills in Math Experiential Learning

By June 2, 2023June 12th, 2023No Comments

Today, grade 12 math students were engaged in an exciting competition where they applied the optimization and derivative concepts they’ve learned in class to create a box with the maximum possible volume.

They were divided into groups and provided with materials for the task. The competition involved not only physically constructing the box but also presenting a mathematical proof demonstrating that their group’s box has the largest possible volume. The winning group received chocolate bars as a reward.

Tim Luymes, CIC Math Department Head, is thrilled about this project, stating, “Packaging optimization means a lot for enterprises like Amazon. A well-designed box can save you millions and millions of dollars!”

Principal Diana Reid is a strong advocate for experiential learning opportunities like this. “This goes beyond textbook learning. It’s a real-life application where students engage with the knowledge and practice collaboration skills.” She said.

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