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Welcome Olympics Closing with Smiles and Treats

By September 9, 2021No Comments

After seven days of fun games and activities, CIC’s Welcome Olympics come to an end with prizes, funnel cake & ice cream, and lots of new friendships. New and returning students participated with their teams in two rounds of activities per day where they had a chance to mingle with other teams, work together, and develop stronger friendships.

During the seven-day Olympics, other than having special treats like ice cream, sundae and funnel cake, CIC students were divided into 24 teams who competed for points collected by attending and winning fun games and activities.

Activities Designed to Promote Teamwork and Friendships

The CIC Olympics Committee developed activities ranging from Arts to Cooking, Engineering to Sports, Escape Room to Quizzes to ensure there was something for every taste and personality.
Students had a chance to engage and connect with teammates as well as competing teams. Activities were engaging and brought students together. Many reported having met new friends during the Olympics. It was delightful to see the new friendships and smiles on their faces.

Winning teams received gift cards and prizes, but all took advantage of developing social, problem solving and team work skills!

After School Clubs and Field Trips

Clubs and Study Halls will start running this week, daily from Monday to Thursday. Fridays will be reserved for special activities and events.

Local field trips to resume after September 6th .

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