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CIC Has Stringent Quarantine Procedures for New and Returning Students

By February 9, 2021No Comments

CIC has a dedicated quarantine residence and strict 21-day quarantine protocols for both new students arriving from overseas and those checking back into residence.

With the beginning of a new semester in January 2021 we had new and returning students coming to live in our Residences and going through the 21-day quarantine at Linden Hall. 

One of our Ukrainian students sent a special thank you to all the staff who looked after her during the quarantine!

The three weeks were as comfortable as possible and I had everything I needed.” 

The student highlighted the effective communication with CIC’s Medical and Wellness team whenever any support was required.

Students are to check straight into a building that is devoted solely to students in quarantine – Linden Hall Residence. 

The building is located 6 kilometres from our usual student residences – Pine Hall.  

Students take all classes online 

They still receive our full range of Total Care services and supports. 

Students quarantine for 21 days in their single room with a private washroom

  • During this period, they cannot leave their room. 
  • House Parents at the front desk are only a phone call away to provide assistance.
  • Meals in disposable packages are delivered to their door.

The CIC Medical Team arranges for our students to have COVID-19 testing on their 12th and 19th day of quarantine

  • Testing is performed safely and conveniently in their room.
  • When they have negative results in both tests, they are considered to be COVID-19 free and are released from quarantine on the 21st day to check into the Pine Residences.

Linden Hall, as a quarantine residence, is serviced by a separate residence team that is dedicated to this building only

  • At no time does this residence team service any of our other residences.
  • The purpose of having a dedicated staff team at Linden residence is to prevent the possibility of cross-contamination.

Residence Student Leaders Are Supporting Students in Quarantine

Our group of Student Leaders are responsible for developing engaging events and activities to enrich Student Life experience and to develop their own Leadership skills. An important part of their responsibilities is to help new students settle in Residence.

With the mandatory quarantine requirement the Residence Leaders are now assigned a group of students during their self-isolation period and they keep in touch with them remotely throughout the 21 days. This helps those in quarantine feel connected with peers and start developing connections.

Residence Leaders will also welcome new students to Residence once they are released from quarantine. Other than showing them around they will introduce them to other students and invite them to events like cooking sessions, winter walks, gaming, Yoga, Table Tennis, Sports, Paint Night, Movies and much more.

  • Cooking sessions
  • Winter walks
  • Gaming
  • Yoga
  • Table Tennis
  • Sports
  • Paint Night
  • Movies, and much more

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