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CIC Volunteers Continue to Make an Impact on the School Community and Beyond

By September 6, 2023No Comments

Volunteers play a crucial role in supporting school communities and beyond the campus. Giving back, and caring for others, is a character value we take pride in!


A group of students braved the scorching heat and rocked it at Canada’s Largest Ribfest over Labor Day Weekend! Their hard work and dedication kept the event green and clean, diverting over 90% of waste from landfills. Huge thanks to these incredible volunteers for their community spirit!


Green thumbs in residence are in action, raking, weeding and harvesting. Thank you to our avid gardeners for making a difference.


Students in residence thoughtfully assembled care packages containing toiletries, first aid supplies, and snacks and hand delivered them to those in need. We met members of our community who were thankful for the surprise. With the same delivery, we loaded up a local community pantry with fresh veggies grown from the residence garden.

CIC community service is continuing to make a positive impact throughout the Fall Semester. Please log in to the REACH app to learn more about community service opportunities and sign up.

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