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Empowering Under-16 Students: CIC Total Care+ Program in Action!

By February 9, 2024No Comments

Today is a special day for under-16 students at Columbia International College!

From enjoying delicious Korean BBQ at Spring Grill to diving into team-building games and forming new friendships, our students had a blast! Plus, they discovered how different departments at CIC are here to provide extra care and support on a daily basis.

These exciting activities are part of our CIC Total Care+ Education program, designed to provide an enhanced level of support for under-16 students.

The Total Care+ program extends beyond the classroom, addressing their Academic, Social, Emotional, and Physical (ASEP) needs, ensuring a holistic approach to their educational journey.

With a focus on academic success and personal growth, our dedicated Total Care+ team is always on hand to provide a nurturing environment for under-16 students, even when they’re away from their parents’ care.

For more information about the CIC Total Care+ Education program, please reach out to our multilingual Admissions and Liaison Office:


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