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Lots of Clubs and Activities Await Students

By August 9, 2021No Comments

Meaningful extracurricular activities will be offered to CIC students this fall. Teacher-led clubs will start running on August 25. Students, based on their interests, will take part in defining which activities will be running. During their first week of classes, all students will select their preferred activities. On the second week, Club Sign-up will take place. 

At CIC we believe in experiences that go beyond the classroom and that is why the Total Care Education team wants to hear from students and offer Clubs and extracurricular programming that is relevant to them.  

In-person teacher-led afternoon clubs will include: 

  •  Sports 
  • Archery, Soccer, American Football, Table Tennis, Dance, etc. 
  • Academic 
  •  Math Contest Preparation, Business, Debate, Writing, Entrepreneurship, etc. 
  • Science 
  • Robotics, Coding, Computer Science, Environment, Labs, etc. 
  • Community Involvement 
  • Volunteering, Peer Tutoring, etc. 
  • Arts 
  • Band & Choir; Photography, Journalism, Design, Cooking, Fashion, etc. 
  • Social 
  • Movies and Music discussion, Walking, Games, Culture, etc. 

Enhance Your Personal Profile for University Application 

By being involved in the planning or participation of extracurricular activities, students will build a stronger resume in their university application, especially for competitive programs that require supplementary application forms. 

The CIC Student Leadership Development (SLD) team will continue to offer opportunities for students to be part of special groups where they can learn and practice new skills and enrich their academic experience. Some of the opportunities at CIC include: 

  • Duke of Edinburgh Award link to video 
  • Model United Nations link to video 
  • Student Council 
  • Student Leadership Committee 
  • High Achievers 

Together with CIC’s University Placement Office, our team will help students prepare their supplementary university applications by practicing problem solving, public speaking, communication, interview, and essay writing.  

Social-Emotional Well-being Attended To Weekdays & Weekends 

CIC offers plenty of drop-in and organized events, both in school and in residences, to ensure that students are making connections with their peers, having fun, developing leadership, and learning new skills. Activities and events run on both weekdays as well as weekends.  

A monthly calendar including Residence, Community Service, Drop-in and other events and activities will be available before the start of each month, starting in September. 

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