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Student achieves success and more

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Carmen Li graduates with the class of 2019.

2 years ago, seventeen year old Carmen Li came to Columbia International College to pursue her education abroad.  What she found was the opportunity to challenge herself academically as well as, developing her own personal growth.  With a big smile on her face, Carmen has successfully been admitted to study at the University of Hong Kong.

“I wanted to increase my employment chances, and I wanted to attend a school where I could be challenged to be the best version of myself.” – Carmen Li

Carmen’s average of 91.4% certified her to be accepted into the program for Bachelor of Business Administration (Law) and Bachelor of Laws at the University of Hong Kong.  Candidates applying to the University of Hong Kong must pass the faculty entrance requirements, and those applying for their BBA (Law) and LLB must also obtain a level 5 or above in English Language and a level 4 or above in Chinese Language and Mathematics.

With a passion in both business and law, Carmen is grateful and happy for the acceptance into the program.

“I wanted to increase my employment chances, and I wanted to attend a school where I could be challenged to be the best version of myself,” said Carmen.  Before her academic years at Columbia International College, Carmen decided she wanted to attend a boarding school to pursue her dream in law.  Carmen explains, “I wanted to come to Canada because it is safe and not that dense compared to Hong Kong. I researched CIC on the website, and I loved the diversity and community CIC embodied.”

Carmen soon found that any fear she had about not knowing anyone at the school, was quickly diminished when she easily created life-long friends who are all from diverse backgrounds.   She joined multiple clubs in the school such as: Leadership Training, Model UN and Varsity Basketball.  When asked what some of her strongest skills were, she happily beamed, “I am very good at planning ahead, multi-tasking and time management.  I believe prioritizing your tasks helps you to succeed.”

When asked about who her inspirations are, humbly Carmen replied, “I’m very self-motivated, but I am inspired by average people who are working hard to achieve their dreams.”  Carmen recounts a story about peer tutoring another student who had difficulty learning English.  However that student kept coming in for her tutoring, and despite the challenges she was eventually able to learn English.  Carmen explains, “You need to be determined and persistent and that’s what the student showed, and to me that is inspiring.”

With the success of achieving her goal in being accepted to the University of Hong Kong, Carmen is gracefully down-to-earth and a caring individual.  “Back in Hong Kong I helped tutor underprivileged children.  A little bit of help might make a big difference, that is why I continued to peer tutor at CIC,” said Carmen. Her passion in helping others is also exemplified in her participating in Model UN.

“I am inspired by average people who are working hard to achieve their dreams.”

Carmen Li

Carmen engaged in Model UN and represented the country of Peru.  Here she negotiated issues happening around the world with her allies.  Carmen raised the issue of the importance of sustainable development, while raising concerns and engaging the other countries to discuss solutions.  Carmen explains that she had experience in public speaking but Model UN allowed her to enhance her public speaking skills and as well as her debating skills.   “I would definitely recommend the program to other students,” said Carmen.

The staff, the guidance counselors and liaison department have all been very welcoming to Carmen, as she expresses how memorable CIC has been.  Coming to CIC has provided Carmen with a way to become more involved in activities and stepping out of her comfort zone.  Carmen explains, “When you’re given the opportunity, why not?”

Carmen happily smiles and continues to illuminate how important it is to find what you love and to pursue your passions.  Carmen states, “Some advice I would give to other students is to stretch your limits.  Be the best version of yourself!  It’s important to engage in activities that you enjoy and make you happy.  If you want a fulfilled life you have to do what you like, and not what others tell you.”

Congratulations Carmen on your success at CIC and may you continue to find success and happiness in your future endeavors!


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