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Total Care Living® at CIC

By November 25, 2019No Comments

Columbia International College (CIC) is delighted to introduce an additional supporting structure to our Total Care Education System®. Total Care Living® at Columbia is designed to assist students in developing life skills that they can use during their time at CIC, and also for years to follow. The goal is to ensure students thrive while at CIC, as well as paving a smooth transition into post-secondary education.

Columbia International College proudly partners with world-renowned Chartwells to provide students with delicious and nutritious meals that enable them to maintain a balanced diet. Chartwells and CIC are committed to delivering a student-first experience by embracing the holistic approach to food and recognizing the power of nutrients through the foods we consume.

The first topic from Total Care Living® is how to build a balanced meal. Chartwells offers a variety of healthy food choices that satisfy Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating. Different meal choices are offered daily as well as a fresh salad bar that is also rich in nutrients. Chartwells is passionate about providing options for students to ensure that they are able to fuel their bodies properly, so they can perform optimally in and outside of the classroom.

Watch the video for more information on how to build a balanced meal! 

Source: Canada’s Food Guide

A balanced diet should contain vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and dairy. While making food choice one should ensure they get enough  protein and fiber in their meals. It is important to limit foods high in sugar, sodium and saturated fats. Fuel your body with premium fuel so that you can feel and perform your best!

For more information, students can approach any of the Chartwells Chefs on campus or visit Shannon Simpson in the gymnasium in the Ainsliewood Building. Click the link here to access the Canada’s Food Guide. 


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