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Balancing School and Passion: Ian Lee’s Path to Top Computer Science Programs

By March 22, 2024No Comments

Ian Lee, an avid digital artist, coding enthusiast, and passionate member of the CIC Robotics team, shares his winning strategy of balancing schoolwork with his creative hobbies, which played a key role in his acceptance to top computer science programs across Canada.

  • University of Toronto, St. George (Computer Science)
  • Brock University (Computer Science)
  • York University (Computer Science)
  • Western University (Computer Science)
  • University of Windsor (Computer Science)
  • Total Scholarships: CAD 124,000

Ian: A Healthy Balance Is Key to Success.

“My experience at CIC sounds quite positive overall. I aim to strike a balance between focusing on schoolwork and indulging in creative hobbies, as I believe keeping an active mind is crucial.

One piece of advice I’d offer is to avoid overwhelming yourself with constant focus on schoolwork, while also not getting too caught up in excessive video gaming. A healthy balance is key to success.

I enjoy digital arts and coding as hobbies. For digital art, I am interested in both 2D and 3D works, using these skills to create animations for the school’s robotics team.

When it comes to coding, I find that there’s always more to learn beyond the curriculum. I often work on various coding projects like fractal viewers, cellular automaton programs, a gravity simulation, and even a basic 3D rendering program. This helps me expand my knowledge beyond classroom teachings and continuously refine my coding abilities while having fun.

I believe two key factors for academic success are maintaining a healthy sleep schedule and consistently engaging with English—whether through conversation, messaging, reading, or entertainment. I try to complete most of my homework during class, leaving me with more free time after school.”

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