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CIC Class of 2024 Excels with Six Offers from Schulich School of Business

By March 21, 2024March 22nd, 2024No Comments

Huge congratulations to six remarkable graduates from the CIC Class of 2024 for their acceptance offers from York Schulich School of Business‘s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program! Ranked as Canada’s #1 business school by prestigious publications like The Economist, Financial Times, Forbes, and QS, Schulich stands as a beacon of excellence in business education.

Their dedication, hard work, and exceptional skills have truly paid off, paving the way for a bright and promising future in the dynamic world of business. Let’s celebrate their remarkable achievement and wish them continued success on their journey ahead!

The six students reflected on key factors that helped them stand out among the thousands of applicants, including diligent preparation, a clear understanding of the program’s requirements, and a genuine passion for business and leadership.

Osiregbemhe Ogie

My number one advice to anyone that wants to get into Schulich is just being yourself. When doing the supplementary application, just be calm and collected and think before you answer any questions.

Artem Snisarenko

The best advice I can give is to simply do the work and everything else would come to you. Learn. Adapt. Succeed!

Woleolu Peters

There is not one single way to get in, so don’t force yourself to be on a strict schedule and do things you don’t like. My advice is that you should always be ready to get involved wherever you can, to not only fill your supplemental application, but also your perspective on life.

Qianwen Wei (Jade)

My mother has always taught me that perseverance is key to completing your goals. So I think we should never give up and just keep trying! Work hard and play hard. Also, I want to say thanks to Ms. Cathy and Ms. Bonita for helping me with the supplementary essay.

Nikita Marchenko

I believe that DECA boosted my profile a lot, especially being an officer and taking initiative. Empower your character with similar experience and you will succeed.

AAliyah Tamakloe

One major piece of advise I would say is having a very strong supplemental application. I feel this is not emphasized enough about how much of a different it makes. A major key factor is to be very confident when speaking, determined, practice and make sure to do a lot of research. Good luck!  

Acceptance into Schulich Is Highly Competitive

Schulich’s BBA program is highly sought-after, with approximately 7,000 students applying each year. The admission office carefully reviews these applications and selects around 425 to 495 students annually to join the prestigious program.

With such a competitive pool of applicants, it’s essential for prospective students to put their best foot forward in their applications. Strong academic performance, well-rounded extracurricular involvement, a standout Supplementary Application, and a compelling video interview can all play significant roles in securing a spot in this esteemed program.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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