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Discovering Growth and Passion at CIC – Mandy’s Recipe for Success

By January 22, 2024February 1st, 2024No Comments

For Mandy Ejaife, the transition from a relatively smaller school to CIC was initially daunting. However, she successfully found her footing, making her experience at CIC one filled with tremendous growth. We’re thrilled to announce that Mandy has received impressive university acceptance offers along with a total scholarship of CAD 55,600. Many congratulations!

“Discovering new friends and trying new skills has been a vital part of my ability to thrive and excel both inside and outside the classroom.

I strive to maintain good grades by listening attentively to my teachers, asking questions, and going above and beyond to understand the source material on a deeper level. Tutoring other students in various subjects has helped me reinforce my knowledge (to anyone I’ve tutored, a big thank you, and I am so proud of how far you’ve come!). It has also allowed me to form a good relationship with my teachers, easing any nerves about asking questions.

Many of my most precious memories have been made as a member of the CIC robotics team. Initially averse to joining because I didn’t think I would enjoy it, I instantly fell in love with the people and the values they uphold. Let this be a sign: try that new hobby you didn’t think you could do! You never know what could happen.

I am also proud to call myself a member of the CIC choir. I have loved singing from a very young age and have always joined the choir at every school I have attended. Engaging in a hobby I love and making friendships at the same time has significantly boosted my self-esteem. I believe every student at CIC should find a way to pursue a creative passion to stimulate the mind and have fun.

To any future CIC students, or even current students in Grades 9, 10, and 11, my advice is not to be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Make that friend, sign up for that club, play that sport. Every experience, whether good or bad, should be a learning experience, and some will become memories you will hold dear to your heart.”

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