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Elina Brodovska: I Strive to Do My Best in Everything to Achieve My Dream

By April 13, 2023May 25th, 2023No Comments

In 2019, at the age of 12, Elina Brodovska took a courageous decision to leave her family in Ukraine and join the Junior Middle School at Columbia International College. Thanks to the supportive community at CIC, she was able to overcome new challenges and thrive.

She strongly believes that hard work and unwavering dedication are essential for achieving one’s dreams, and that our persistent efforts will ultimately be rewarded.

Congratulations to Elina on her amazing university admission results:

  • University of Toronto: St. George (Social Sciences)

  • Ryerson University (Business Technology Management)

  • York University (Commerce)

  • Western University (Media, Information and Technoculture)

  • University of Toronto: Scarborough (Social Sciences & Humanities)

  • Total Scholarship: CA$100,000


In my CIC journey, I understood from the beginning that I wanted to develop my knowledge in something related to both business and the environment. Throughout my time at CIC, starting from junior school, my teachers encouraged critical thinking and creativity through various tasks. I did well in these activities, and as a result, decided to explore all the business-related courses.

Of all the courses, Economics in grade 12 was the most stimulating and challenging for me. I enjoyed conducting various types of investigations and inquiries from different perspectives.

Furthermore, the course covered a global overview of development, supply chains, and logistics. This course helped me understand real-life concepts and how businesses operate successfully.

I have taken advantage of every opportunity CIC has offered, including joining trips, events, and clubs, selecting a wide range of courses, and serving on various leadership teams.

I joined the Student Council and Athletic Prefects, which not only helped me gain up to 90 community service hours but also developed my leadership skills. These experiences have contributed to my success as a student, earning me top subject awards and recognition for my character and high achievements.

In my opinion, there is no secret recipe for getting into top universities. While my high school journey was certainly challenging, it was also simple in that I actively participated and strived to do my best in everything I pursued.

At CIC, I learned the importance of seeking help when needed and not being afraid to do so. The community is supportive and encouraging, always willing to help students achieve their graduation goals and prepare for their future endeavors.

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