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From Shaolin Temple to CIC and Beyond: The Inspiring Journey of Hao Zhang

By March 15, 2023No Comments

Exciting alumni testimonial – from Shaolin Temple Martial Arts School to CIC, the University of Toronto and Canada Revenue Agency, the incredible journey of Hao Zhang, CIC ’21, showcases a path of incredible motivation, dedication and hard work.

Hi there, I’m Zhang Hao. Before Columbia International College, I was a student of the Shaolin Temple Martial Arts School. Life there was no joke – early morning workouts, tough training, and loads of hard work.

After finishing middle school, I knew I had to venture out and see the world. Despite my poor English skills, I applied to CIC in 2018. I dedicated myself to improving my English skills. I also attended English tutoring sessions, where I practiced reading articles and perfecting my pronunciation.

As I grew more confident in my English, I joined extracurricular activities like the Student Council, Multicultural Team, and performing, which ended up benefiting me immensely when it came to applying for universities and internship.

Thanks to the amazing support and opportunities CIC provided, I graduated with flying colors – a 94% average and $18,500 in scholarships!

I’m currently studying Business Administration at the University of Toronto and have landed a highly sought-after paid internship at the Canada Revenue Agency.

CIC is brimming with talented individuals, many of whom have gone on to study at the University of Toronto alongside me. We support each other and our network is invaluable when it comes to securing rare job opportunities that could come our way via alumni recommendations.

To all the new students out there – please remember that it’s not just about grades. Showcase your various abilities, and most importantly, work on communication and collaboration skills. Trust me; it’ll pay off in spades!

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