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Success Stories: Sibling Grow and Thrive Despite Pandemic Challenges

By June 12, 2023July 5th, 2023No Comments

Over the course of 45 years, CIC has witnessed numerous success stories of siblings who have motivated one another and created achievements that make the entire family proud. Introducing one of the inspiring sibling duos: Victor and Jasmine Chiu.

They both embarked on their journey at CIC in January 2020, when the world on the verge of crisis, where panic and uncertainty filled people’s hearts.

The ups and downs of the pandemic had some emotional impact on Victor. He was more relaxed with time management during virtual learning and it was difficult to adjust after returning to in-person classes. “I occasionally lost sight of my goals and even skipped classes. “ He said.

Meanwhile, Jasmine, who is naturally optimistic and sociable, actively adapted to the challenges brought about by the pandemic. She constantly encouraged her brother and people around her, becoming everyone’s source of joy. “Victor and I couldn’t meet every day, so Instagram became our main tool of communication. “ Jasmine said.

Encouraged by his sister, friends and Total Care staff, Victor has learned to overcome difficulties with a resilient mindset. He joined the Service Prefects team for four consecutive semesters and served as a Residence Student Leader, helping new students become familiar with the new environment and adapt to life at CIC.

In May 2022, Jasmine was accepted to Carleton University’s Social Sciences program with outstanding grades and 139 hours of volunteer work. One year later, Victor lived up to expectations by achieving a high score of 97.3% and accumulating 295 hours of volunteer work, and he was accepted into Queen’s University’s Health Sciences program.

We are proud to have received these heartfelt words from the Chiu family: “We are incredibly happy and proud of our children! The CIC staff have done an amazing job supporting them. CIC has provided a safe environment and an excellent education system for all students.”

Huge congratulations to the Chiu family!

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