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CIC’s Character Award Winners Exemplify Excellence

By November 20, 2023December 1st, 2023No Comments

At CIC, we take immense pride in nurturing character as the key to success! Let’s shine a spotlight on some of our outstanding students who have embodied exemplary traits inside and outside the classroom, as they receive the well-deserved Character Award.

Ronald Wavamunno Ntambi – Responsibility
Ronald has excelled in our class so far this semester. He is an excellent role model for the other students in our class.

Kwun Ho Chan – Self-Confidence & Self-Advocacy
Alex continually works to improve his written and oral English skills and has shown an increasing level of confidence in ENGU. He works hard to contribute to class discussion and analysis. He always demonstrates excellent self-advocacy through this approach. Keep up the effort, Alex!

Ziugin Cai Ruan – Inclusiveness, Caring
Ziu is an amazing student. He comes to class every day with a smile and eagerness to participate regardless of the lesson. He follows up on all his assignments. He is friendly and helpful to the other students in the class, and was especially helpful making a student who arrived late feel comfortable in class. He helps with translations and is friendly towards everyone. He puts care and effort into everything he does.

Anna Lu – Caring and Optimism
Anna is a new student to CIC this year, however, right from the start her character and personality stood out! Her kind and respectful manner is not only evident when she speaks to her teachers, but also with her classmates. She is very compassionate and always demonstrates that by assisting her classmates with enthusiasm and positive energy! She sets an example of excellence in behavior and cooperation!

Gleb Sugorkin – Perseverance
During the Terry Fox run, Gleb grabbed a garbage bag and started cleaning up the Gym after the event. The Gym had a significant amount of garbage, and his actions inspired a group of his friends to help with the clean-up. Gleb is showing to be a true leader in the school.

Georgii Mogilnikov – Caring
Georgia helped during a fire alarm evacuation and helped our short-term immersion students when attending the tiger cat activity. He shows his caring to other students.

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