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Columbia celebrates the Arts

By November 16, 2015No Comments

Art in Unison 2015

On Friday, November 13th, Columbia held its second annual Arts in Unison show – a collaborative project of the English, Arts and Business Departments. This unique celebration of the Arts was composed of two one act plays, a digital short, and a musical intermission.

 Classes equally contributed to the production: Mrs. Pivniceru’s Writer’s Craft class served as the Playwrights; Mrs. Ward’s grade 12 Drama Class and Mrs. Savelli’s grade 11 Drama calls performed the dramatization; music was provided by Mr. Lawlis’ grade 11 and 12 vocal classes and the school band; Mr. Ferreria’s Art classes were responsible for the art design; and Mrs. Story’s Art Classes prepared the Stage Design.

The plays were well-written, featured assorted themes and both had elements of comedy, drama , mystery, and adventure. The first play, No Contrast, focused on mental health, while the second play, Who’s Next, was a murder mystery.

Starring Roles

No Contrast

Starring Cast:

Anna Oudatov

Oluwatamilore Adegbite

Mykyta Kovalov

Fei Ping

Cham Phung Thi Ngoc

Yersain Aubakirov

Nuoting Huang

Zichuan Chen

Luu Minh Vien

Elma Amukamara


Who’s Next

Starring Cast:

Wai Ling Chan

Anton Snyrnov

Slava Ligay

Rakiya Nasidi

Liza Ustinova

Renata Nasibullina

Jeffrey Moes

Wei Jia Yu

Thank you to all those involved in the production including writers, teacher advisors, stage crew and lighting and sound crew.

Each play will be available on our YouTube channel in the upcoming days.

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