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Connecting, Inspiring, and Nurturing: Highlights from Principal’s Assembly

By September 18, 2023No Comments

We’re incredibly grateful to all the parents who joined us for the first Principal’s Assembly of the Fall Semester.

Principal Diana Reid and department heads connected with parents via Zoom this morning, shedding light on how CIC’s different departments work together to help your children nurture their passions and achieve success at CIC and beyond.

We were also thrilled to have Rainy Meng and Elina Brodovska, both CIC Class of 2023 graduates, sharing their inspiring journeys of stepping out of their comfort zones and discovering their true passions during their time at CIC.

During the Q & A session that ensued, parents had the opportunity to ask questions and engage with our admissions and liaison teams, who offer steadfast care and support to all our students.

We’re dedicated to bringing our Total Care Team closer to all CIC families! Stay tuned for a series of upcoming assemblies throughout the academic year, covering essential topics related to Academic, Social, Emotional, and Physical support for our students:

  • October: Boarding Life, Food Services, and Medical and Wellness Services

  • November: Career and University Planning

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