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Google Launch!

By January 3, 2020No Comments

Columbia International College has fully implement Google Education/Google Suite in the classrooms. All CIC teachers will be using Google Classroom to communicate, collaborate, organize and engage with their students!

Across the globe, the Google Suite program provides support for teachers, learners, researchers and organizations. It provides productivity apps that include: Google Docs, Classroom, G-Mail and more! Google Suite provides educators with new opportunities to create better learning and they can challenge their students to think critically.

The launch of Google Suite provides:

  • New ways to collaborate and innovate for students and teachers
  • Access to work ANYTIME, ANYWHERE and on ANY device!
  • Real-time feedback on student work by giving instant feedback from the teachers
  • Google Suite is paperless and helps the environment
  • Google Translate allows students to use this app for translation and teachers can create keyword lists to help translate that for students
  • Convenience to do work in: residence, at the school etc.
  • And so much more!

What do students need to be prepared come 2020?

1. Remember your password and login
Every CIC student has an account.  You choose the password, so make sure to choose one that is secure and that you will remember.  You receive an account invitation to your personal e-mail from CIC.

2. Bring your laptop and charger!
Every CIC student needs to bring their laptop/Chromebooks to school every day. Chromebooks are ideal. CIC has insured there are enough plugs in every classroom for students to use when they need to charge their laptops/Chromebooks.

3. Remember laptops are for schoolwork at school
During class time use your laptop appropriately and use it for school work during class time.
A cell phone is not allowed for school work and should be off & away during class time.  Tablets are not recommended.

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