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JMS Students experience Bark Lake October 14 – 18

15 Junior Middle School (JMS) students had the opportunity to stay at Bark Lake. a 700 acre leadership and conference center located in Irondale, Ontario.

The purpose of their 5 day, 4 night stay at Bark Lake, was to take their existing curriculum and transform it into an unforgettable outdoor learning experience.  JMS students took full advantage of this opportunity by participating in activities led by Bark Lake staff such as:  low ropes, archery, voyager canoeing, survival games, fur traders, photo orienteering, arts and crafts, night hikes, wolf howl, project wild, and campfire activities.

The students also had specific classroom learning taught by CIC staff, Mr. Varela, where they learned about the Canadian voyagers and how they traded goods such as furs.  JMS students also learned how to be good environmental stewards, and the responsibilities of taking care of their natural surroundings.

A foggy morning at canoe beach. Photo taken by Jennifer Kerr

When the JMS students were not in class, they had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery that Northern Ontario offers, such as; the beautiful sunrise and sunsets,  the breathtaking view of the stars in the clear night sky, and the calmness of the water on canoe beach.

For many CIC students, Bark Lake is their first true outdoor camping and learning experience.  CIC students continue to claim that Bark Lake is one of their favorite experiences while being at CIC.  Bark Lake continues to make memories for all individuals who visit, regardless of gender, age, race, grade level, or country of origin.


Photo Credit: Jennifer Kerr

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