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CIC students score amazing results in math contests

By March 15, 2016No Comments

During the 2015 August-December semester, many CIC students took part in nationwide math contests that run during the fall. The main contests included the Canadian Open Math Challenge, sponsored in part by the University of Toronto, and the Senior and Intermediate Math Contests, developed by the University of Waterloo.

Many CIC students earned certificates of distinction—bestowed upon contest participants who placed in the top 25% of all contestants. Be sure to congratulate our participants and certificate recipients!

CIC would also like to recognize Jun Yan, the top scorer for our school in both the Canadian Open Math Challenge and the Canadian Senior Math Contest. Jun achieved a score of 71/80 on the Canadian Open Math Challenge, which placed him in the top 99.27% of ALL contestants and landing him a Silver award for Grade 12 students in Central Ontario. He also achieved the perfect score of 60/60 on the Canadian Senior Math Contest—an exemplary accomplishment.

For the Canadian Intermediate Math Contest, both Yue Huang and Jia Yue Sun shared the top score for CIC students, and received medals for their accomplishments.

Each semester, we have more opportunities for our students to participate in other competitions, including the ever popular Euclid contest for grade 12 students (April 12th). Announcements will be made closer to each contest date with more information about registration.

For further questions regarding math contest results and enrolment, please contact Tim Luymes.


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